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I have a 025 smoker and would like to make some jerky, I watched the video made by "bill" and he says to cook for a while with the door closed and then open the door partially for a few hours to finish the cook. Somewhere in the back of my mind I am remembering that you are not supposed to cook with the door open in the 025 because of the thermostat or something? Is it ok to cook with it open or am I remembering wrong?
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with the electrics and jerky, the issue is moisture.

You've got to dump some moisture. I would start with drying the slices a well as you can before putting them in the smoker. Try a salad spinner (while your wife ain't looking), or pat them dry as best as you can. after you cook for a while in the smoker with door closed, just periodically open the door and let the moisture escape. I think you can let it open for a little while, but just watch it. I did this when I had my americue 66 and it worked fine.

One caution on Jerky, it's easy to oversmoke, so a little wood will go a long ways.
I use the GLH method at the top of the Jerky Forum with great results. It involves opening the door every hour to dump moisture. I do it every 45 minutes. Low temp is the key.

Yesterday, a friend of mine brought some of his homemade jerky to our weekly luncheon (about 6 of us). He made the jerky indirectly on his grill. The texture was absolutely perfect. Nice teriyaki flavor...trying to get more smoke flavor out of his pellet pouch. Anyway, just goes to show you there's more than one way to skin a cat. He used bottom round.
Ok, another jerky question before I take the plunge into jerky making.
I would like to make a jerky without using a marinade or salt, just spices. My plan is to always keep it either in the freezer or in the refrigerator. I won't be taking it backpacking or have it away from cold temps for long. So, do I really need to use all that salt and marinade? I'd like to develop a somewhat healthy snack. Can I just cut meat into strips, put some pepper (maybe a little garlic salt), and other non-salty seasonings, then put in my 025 with smoke chips at around 160 degrees for two hours then open the door of the smoker a wee bit and continue to cook for another couple of house (when opening the door I plan on increasing the oven temp a few degrees to keep it at 160). Does this sound ok or will I wind up in the hospital??

Thanks for listening.

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