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Have I missed something?? I'm searching all over the place for:
Categorized recipes/ cooking temps for common foods cooked on the FEC 100 without searching all over the place...Yeah ..I use the search function on this site. And I use global search on the internet; but the internet is vast!!

The book I got with my unit is for Cookshacks electric smokers...Huh???
That cookbook does not fit all...i.e "add 2oz wood and cook at ____ temp".... Recipes from the supplied cookbook will yeild a flavor consistent for THAT type of smoker (electric). Excellent if I had the Amerique or similar...Even the Cookshack website recipes for the most part seem to infer use of "wood chunks" vs pellet use... And because The FEC uses pellets... WE KNOW the flavor/smokiness, etc is absolutely going to be different with the FEC and WE KNOW the techniques we have to employ with the FEC to achieve the expected flavor from that cookbook has to be different for sure....Am I missing something? HELP.

All these years this unit has been around and there is not an FEC100 cookbook???. I know I'm ranting a bit but there has got to be info out there....I see a lot of threads of new owners looking for the same. I know I have to learn how to use the machine; but it seems ridiculous that there is not a BOOK exclusive to such a FLAGSHIP product.
C'MON..Where's the book....JUST FOR THE FEC100 ..OR... for the cookshack pellet line of smokers????? Info is too convoluted on how to cook foods.
I am guessing on just about everything. ...for all you regulars; how about a thread exclusively in the FEC section ONLY on smoking times/temps and wood use for specific foods? ..for each category and for a given food, everyone can post what works best ( a poll)...don't get me wrong; The "additional smoking topics" sections on the forum here is very helpful, just seems that a lot of info appears to refer to cookshacks electrics.

I am dancing all over the place ascertaining common denominators for cooking in the FEC100. I'm doing ok, but it'd be nice to have an exclusive one stop reference. My apologies to anyone sensitive... I'm definitely giving Cookshack some feedback.
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As far as the cookbook for the electric smokers, I was taught by the forum members that the times were not correct. I would have to learn how to tell doneness on different meats, because there is no linear line for how the animals were raised.

My thoughts on helping out with the difference in cooking with the FEC, is for you to start a thread on your cooks and maybe the forum would offer a little guidance or thoughts on what each of us like to do, because we all cook a little different. That then would give back to the forum for what was received, just a thought!
Reference a printed cookbook,that is a CS company area and they should be contacted directly.Fast Eddy ,also,welcomes contacts.Stuart,the President does ,also.We meet Stuart and Eddy at contests,tradeshows,etc all over the country.

They don't often monitor OUR forums,but love to hear from individuals and are quite responsive.

The pellet cooker/Fast Eddy's had been top comp cookers for awhile and the merger came about to develop the Fast Eddy by Cookshack.Many sizes and custom made.

There had been a Cookshack forum sponsored by the company and moderated by Smokin'Okie for several years.

With feedback from members, CS and Smokin'Okie developed the FEC forums as the cookbook/operating/comp/transport/fixit/etc .

It was requested that all the folks on the comp circuit/vend/cater/restaurant be open and post their methods,successes,tips,techniques,etc.
Smokin'Okie strongly suggested that all the old and new members read and download all this info ,as it was impossible to have it in print.This was used to develop the FEC cooking classes,along with the top cooks that teach the classes.

As Fast Eddy traveled to cookoffs,restaurants,tradeshow,etc he would post new items and let us massage them.

We suggest that folks take the time and go thru the forums,read,and download to their units items that may apply to them.
Otherwise the FIND at page top will take us to any specifics.

The feelings were that trying to look at a temp/time/meat was so variable as to be non functional.Almost anything printed in a cookbook ,that could contain hundreds of pages, might quickly become obsolete,or wrong,as models and techniques change.

A thread about a question, let us pick out the specifics that we were able to utilize.Then,we might be able to voice our own specific question to the forum and receive better/more usable answers.

Thus,our archives/search function,the forums make a strong interactive,timely "cookbook".

I have no connection to the company,other than observations and multiple uses of the equipment ,over the years.

Welcome to the forums.
Well good question. Good answers. You haven't been around long enough, first you got a TOM post now you get a Smokin' Post (that's where where I have fast fingers and talk too much)...

So some thoughts. First, Great question. Really is good, so don't take the feedback as negative. Just Tom and I have been here from the beginning (but he is 3000 posts behind me), so we're old farts who have a different perspective.

As far as the CB that came with the FEC, I would do as Tom suggests and call/email Stuart (not FE) and suggest that very thing. It is a good statement/issue.

Here's my take, from a forum perspective.

I am listening, so let's see how the thread goes.

Why more FE specific recipes? From a moderators perspective it's a ton of work. No one else going to do it. Frowner That's the moderator talking, I still need to work on my 101's not a recipe book... Big Grin )

So I hear two questions.

1) You want a CB (FE only)
2) You want more detailed specific instructions and a read list of recipes for the FE.

You're new to the forum so I'm sure you're looking for that info in a easier method than the forum currently.

Personally, there aren't any "unique" FEC recipes over the many recipes we already have on the forum. Maybe the methods, but not the recipes. Ribs are ribs, chicken is chicken.

Originally posted by BlueCloud:
...WE KNOW the flavor/smokiness, etc is absolutely going to be different with the FEC and WE KNOW the techniques we have to employ with the FEC to achieve the expected flavor from that cookbook has to be different for sure....Am I missing something? HELP.

When/IF I post an FEC specific recipe, I won't mention the two stage method. Personally I think that should just be one thread on 'alternative' methods or something. I don't use it, hardly ever (except in comps). Smoke is SO subjective, you'll have to adapat any recipe posted if that's your method. Then how do you account for adaptations (trays, smoke pistols, etc). I'm a fan of BBQ recipes that are generic, that fit ANY smoker. but maybe that's just me.

Look at any one forum sub-topic. We've been in existence for 12 years and how would you extract all the recipes into one area. FYI, the recipes are valid for both the Electric and the FE, you just have to adpat for either. Remember, how would they take an FE specific recipe and put it in an electric? They'll be jealous of the FE recipes Wink

I actually thought about that since we created the FE forums and decided not to. It would be a nightmare to also try to add just beef/ribs/etc forums for just the FE.

As a teacher of BBQ I say learn the smoker and adapt a recipe to the smoker.

Why an FEC only cookbook? It's a smoker. You can use any recipe out there as you just need to know how to use your smoker.

And trying to extract the information and put into a CB is a fulltime job. A few years back we had someone volunteer and they collected all the sauces and rubs and that's in a document over in the Recipes Forum for download.

That was done back in 2004 by a forum member for free.

Here's what I'll do if enough people respond. I'll post a poll and ask for ideas. The best I would suggest is that the FORUM MEMBERS have to create the receipes and I'll post them in a FE100 Recipe section. But it's a lot of work for me to moderate, but more work for the users.

Speak up, tell me if you want that and I'll post the poll.
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I think this forum is a living cookbook that talks back to you. What could be better? I do agree that the FEC is fundementally different than cooking on an electric smoker and on the forum, I always want to go to FEC specific advice before starting a smoking venture. It is a cookshack issue, but the manual and cookbooks that come with the products (FEC 100 and AQ 66 I have recieved) are woefully inadequate.

I get everything I need from the forum to be a good cook with the FEC, the search button does wonders.
I agree that the instruction manuals are not adaquate, but it in the final analysis goes back to what S.O. and Tom and others have said, you have to learn your smoker. (not an exact quote) Some recipes use timing and others use temp and others use the ol' finger poke method of determining doness. So, I would still come back to the Forum and ask. Eeker That is what is so great about the CS forum!
Well. It's not a bad idea, but there are thousands of recipes on line. They are typically directed towards the oven or grill, but I find one that looks interesting and adapt it to my smoker. Usually works pretty darn well. Also, dozens of barbecue sites offering recipes...generic and we apply it to our smokers. The possibilities are endless. Granted once I learned my smoker this became easier, but even in the beginning I can't say anything I tried turned out poorly.

Once you get comfortable with your smoker, you'll find yourself doing similar things and not thinking twice about it.

Now, your suggestion would be worthwhile for new customers, and this is probably what sparked your idea. Weber's cookbooks help their new smoker owners through the initial learning phase. Not a bad idea. Helps people get started. I'm also sure they use the cookbook as a tool to sell more smokers/grills.

Weber is also a huge company and can afford to have a separate department devoted to accumulating recipes, trying them on their smokers, and developing their cookbooks and website. Cookshack is a small family owned business, and the economics probably won't let them duplicate Weber's efforts.
Good thoughts from the good cooks above.

Weber is a little easier,because you can go to a 100 home neighborhood give them a book and a 22 inch grill and 95 homes can cook fairly well in 2 wks,doing their chops,chicken pieces,hotdogs,burger and the real tough one-T-bone steak.

Same neighborhood with a wood/charcoal smoker,the 10 main smoked meats and maybe 5 can barely,cook fair-except those with a smokette-they can all cook well. Big Grin

The experienced cooks here have heard us say many times-forget temps,timelines,and exact times until dinner and let the cooker work for YOU.
Great responses/feedback....This is why I joined the forum. This is a good dialogue here...some comments:
Re cookbook: "Times are not have to learn to tell doneness". I agree, but Cookshack should establish a baseline for cooking foods just like any other appliance provides. If you buy a simple microwave oven; you get this....

If it were't for this forum I'd be lost.
"They don't often monitor OUR forums,but love to hear from individuals and are quite responsive".

They should...and they should do it often...It gives them an edge. They should change their culture and become interactive with their customers.. I see there is a "Facebook" link and a main link to this forum on their main company website..why have a link and don't go on it themselves? I don't do the "Facebook" thing though. Too scared Smiler...

FIND feature:
I use the FIND feature quite a bit... I just find myself consuming quite a bit of time reading through threads until I get what I'm looking for.

Ribs is ribs and chicken is Chicken..Absolutely...Smiler

Re recipes:
When you sample someone's food and they give you a recipe that you want/gotta have..You want it to taste just like it did from them when you make it... (otherwise you think THEY left out a secret ingredient!)
I would like to think that Cookshack's recipes were selected, tried and proven , tested recipes specially selected for their cookbook (outta hundreds...these made the cut for the electrics). But when I make it, is it gonna taste the same?... I'm using the wrong temps, wrong times, wrong wood quantity (pellets) and the wrong smoker. THE FEC has been around for how long?

If I use one of you guys/gals recipes; I want for the product to come out just like you yours adaptations may mess up a masterpiece...

So here's an analogy:
I'm followin a recipe to the "T" but the method is different... I cook the recipe in a microwave or convection vs an intended regular oven. both are ovens??...but you know..It's just not gonna be the same.Frowner ... diffences in performance... times and temps have to be different)..result: flavor, texture, different... :0

So.. here in the forum let's differentiate. We should be specific. Cookers ain't cookers here. Especially if I cook one your recipes in an electric vs a pellet pooper.

All ... I agree on adaptation...we MUST adapt to try an emulate the environment....And if you see a recipe you like, chances are almost 100 percent you won't see variations on how to achieve the same result on the recipe using different smokers....But we FEC100 folk can narrow things down for what WE cook in the FEC-100 here.

When we come up with a masterpiece we want to share. Instructions should be followed to the "T" if it is to come out exactly as intended... period. no adaptation necessary. I can improvise to my taste later if I like.

lastly, I'd offer this to Cookshack (just in case they read this on one of their rare occasions):

If I bought a Cadillac (with all IT'S Bells and Whistles/features)...I'd like a Cadillac User manual. But I got a Chevy Impala manual ??.. this won't work for me well ( although I might muddle through it by adaptation)...Now both are "GM" cars..but.....well you get the idea?. are absolutely spot on with what I think is a great Idea ... A POLL. Collectively, I think we'll establish a very good data base of information to derive averages to whatever we're trying to cook.

Again, this is GREAT dialogue...think I'll be a long time member of this forum like you long timers...
And To anyone of you FEC owners reading:
C'mon everyone...Chime in on the Poll idea!! Stop Lurking and POST!
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I didn't say this in the first post, but BBQ isn't about recipes, we're not baking a cake (yes, I've said it before).

It's about learning to be a pitmaster and to do that you have to learn, practice, adapt, etc.

If you read my 101's you'll note that I rarely give a "recipe" because that implies if you follow it, you'll get what I get. I always leave 10% out because I don't know how to word it as to the exact 'experience' I'm doing while smoking.

I just hate to read the emails that say "...but I followed the recipe and it didn't work..."
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Amen to that Smokin' ... I'm still learning, practicin and adaptin. I may never reach pitmaster status but I'm always trying to learn a new thing or two...And by the way, your 101's are absolutely great and are a part of my education. i guess i'm not so much hung up on recipes as I am with processes. I.E ....using THE FEC-100 for best results TRY cooking ____ meat for ____Time using ____Temps USING ____PELLETS...

I guess I just wanna see material localized for the pellet cookers as it seems for the electrics.
I've now adopted your motto "It's done when its done" Smiler
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I didn't get a recipe book with my GE Monogram microwave, 2 ovens, the stove or, for that matter, any of the expensive grills I've purchased in the past. Their manuals just show me where the start buttons are, and I muddle on from there. The closest I've come to getting that information has been on this forum...which brings us back to your point that most of the information here is related to electric smokers. But the pellet users share so information is available.

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