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Hello all... I am seriously considering purchasing an FEC 100 after doing a considerable amount of research. My plans are for mostly backyard BBQ parties and a few competitions here and there ( I've only been in one competition so I'm definitely a novice).
My question is... How hard is it to load an FEC 100 into the bed of a pickup truck? I don't have a lot of help in that department and I currently don't have ( or really want) a trailer. If you use ramps can one guy pull this off or is that too much?

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Re: Exhaust... Only real benefit is directing smoke... but we hear of lots of people having problems with exhausts in place. Of course many never have any troubles at all...

Personally, I just use a 90degree elbow to direct a bit, and shield a bit from direct winds etc. Never had a problem with that...

Oh... you gotta buy what you want... doesn't come with one (honestly I dont think it needs it.)
Like Nordy says.If you think you really,really have a specific need,talk to Tony or Bill in service.Eddy can give great advice,because he sees a lot in the field.
There are some kitchens that require them and some trailer build ins that benefit.

Since Eddy started building FEs,it seems like over 90% of problems come from folks deciding they should have an exhaust.

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