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So, everything about the PG500 is great. I've done a ton of research and boiled it down to the usual 3 or 4 but the PG500's no hassle direct grilling surface, easy ash cleaning drawer and warming slot are differentiating factors that make me choose PG500.

It's just the wrong color. I know, what does that have to do with it right? Well, if I'm gonna spend 1.5K, I want something I think looks good too and I'm not a big fan of the total industrial steel look. I know I'm the odd ball here, but I'm just not that into it.

This one, however, I love:

I like the black with the stainless accents. I guess this was a prototype unit or something?

Does anyone have experience painting a stainless steel grill, because I could do that. Would it void the warranty?

I should also mention that we live in a corner house and our back porch (where it would reside) is raised and visible from the street so making sure my wife thinks it looks good is also an important factor. Smiler
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I don't know. People spend a lot of extra money to get stainless steel. Besides its look, it is very easy to clean, sanitize and keep looking pristine...probably the reason large professional/commercial kitchens are all stainless steel. My 3 year old stainless Cookshack looks like the day I got it when it's cleaned and polished.

Some of our folks have the black powder coat and can chime in, but the powder coat looks tired after many uses and can pick up stains. I personally don't believe painting takes well to stainless steel regardless of how much you try to rough up the stainless surface.

Wouldn't stainless be as good a view from the street? If you're trying to impress the neighbors, they might think the stainless at least as impressive.

If you're dead set on the black, I'd buy it versus painting over stainless, but you're looking at something other than the PG500. Worth downgrading your setup to obtain the powder coat?
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I'm not keen on downgrading on features, so in all likelihood I would get the stainless...but if there's a black available, I'd prefer that.

I live in northern california..ish. Santa Cruz to be exact. Does anyone know if there are any dealers that carry the pg500 within 100 miles? I'd love to take a look at it in person before I buy it.
Here's the thing. Paint will peel, no matter how hard you work. CS does sell black smokers.

But stainless cleans easier.

I have some of the only Powder Coated FEC100's but it was too expensive for CS to have them done all the time.

But contact CS, tell them you'll spend the extra $$$ if they could powder coat it, but since they outsource that, be careful what you ask for, it should be expensive.

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