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Searched the archives but still not sure how much I'd have to spend to get a slicer that will do a good job of making thin slices out of a warm brisket.

Here in Kansas City the good BBQ joints (and we do a have a few) take the meat directly out of the pit, cut it in half and start slicing. Thin slices are then piled high on a bun or white bread. So this is what we are use to and we want a slicer that will handle it. I assume a cheaper machine might tear up the warm meat (or will it?).

I'm willing to pay a few hundred dollars, but not a few thousand. Any slicers you'd suggest?

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Was in the same situation. So I called a restaunt equiptment supplier . I was honest with him told him i didn't know anything about slicers . If he needed somthing about the line of work I do I could help him out would he direct me and if he has a slicer that was usable and durable. but i did not want cheap nor expensive top of the line He put a new blade on a used Berkle . For 1100.00
which new is 4500.00

Just finished A-Men confrence feeding 320 + men brisket sliced picture perfect.[ AFTER RESTING] [ After coming out of a FEC 750 ]

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