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Hey, Smokin' will what????

I'm open to any improvements suggestions and other comments.

All I've heard is what Morton told you that the Sugar is for the Ham/Bacon. My question, not having used it for anything other than that, does it impart any flavorings (the Sugar part???). I don't know. You can probably use it, and if it's for my Honey Brine, you might cut a "little" of the honey or not. If you like sweet stuff, I say try it and let us know.

If you can't find Tender Quick, try another store, it's pretty common stuff. You can also find Prague Power #1. I know the Wally World's Super Wal-Mart carry the product -- usually.
Can't answer your question and hopefully someone from CA will jump in.

Try the larger grocery stores. You'll find it, usually in the salt area, sometimes hidden in the canning area. Check with any butchers who make their own sausage or corned beef/pastrami and find out where.

And if Andi tells you how to make your own Big Grin then you'll just have to find the ingredients.

Good Hunting.
Black Dog (Latin??? On a BBQ forum??? OMG!!!)

If you can't find TenderQuick locally, you can order it from:

The Cumberland General Store

It's a little pricey, but it's consistently available.

Butcher and Packer Supply Company also carries it.

Butcher and Packer Supply

If you're considering ordering the Sugar Cure from B&P, be aware that they only carry the smoke flavored variety which is not clear on their page. That variety is not recommended as a general brine/cure, but is for bacon and hams.

Hope this helps.

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