Just ordered my new cookshack after 2 mo. of research and reading different forums from others better left unmentioned and even though there are in this forum some problems experienced with some units i cant help but admire the level of customer service that cookshack delivers. Ergo the purchase. Looking forward to start smoking when i get back from deer season.
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Congrats on the 025 purchase! I own one and it has been great! And by the way... good luck with the deer hunting. Our season starts soon and I can't wait.
The Ky muzzle loader season is this coming week,so my boys are gettin' their gear ready.

Whitetails are so thick,there is a jerky plant on every corner.

Venison,not really lending itself to smoking,they convert most into jerky.
Thanx to all of you for the welcome....I am looking forward to learn about briskets, ribs and the likes, see you soon
Hi guys just back from a succesful deer hunt and as we speak seasoning 025, have brisket with rub... should i rinse before smoking ? Any help would be apreciated.Felipe
I rinse all my meats, poultry, fish before rubbing and smoking. It cleans off any bits of bone, grizzlies, or other unwanted stuff.
If you are talking about rinsing the rub off prior to smoking, NO, don't do it. Your question was a bit unclear so I thought I'd chime in. Good luck!!! Big Grin

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