New AQ arrived Thursday, seasoned that evening and a bit more on Friday. Saturday at 0715 put in a 4#13oz butt which had been rubbed and in the refer for about 24hrs. Cook temp at 225, probe at 190, also used another 2 probe thermometer to check smoker and meat. Internal meat temp 42, smoked with hickory & apple 3-4oz. Without getting into the complete log, seemed to plateau at around 170-175 around the 9-10.5 hr mark then inch up. Never opened the door, and at 13.5hrs temp @ 186, went for it. It pulled pretty good but as they say, "it's not done until it's done"! If I'd waited a bit longer and wrapped it and let it sit for 45min it would have been perfect. Tasted great! Next time I'll plan to start early with plenty of time for reaching the temp and wrap. Also think I should have let the butt sit at room temp for an hour before starting the smoke. Thanks to all who have posted, your guidance made this a good start right out of the box.
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Others will post, I'm sure. But, I would have upped the temp (certainly after an hour of hanging out at 175) to 250 degrees, and taken the butt out at 195, about an hour later.

But, you got one down and many more to go. Congrats on your first!
For me, 186 would be too soon, the meat in the middle wouldn't be tender enough to pull. Typically will need higher.

Sounds like it went great for a first cook, congrats!
Like Smokin' says.

Yes,if we are behind,increasing cook temp can move thru the plateau more quickly.

BUT....many old time cooks ,that have tried to teach me,will say "the longer it stays in the plateau,the better it will break down collagen,and render more fat".

Just something to think about. Smiler
Thanks for the tips. Learning curve is much improved as a result of this forum, wish I'd known about y'all earlier. Planning on some smoked salmon next, or maybe?
Do a search for Cardogs Salmon.[Jim minion]

Among many others ,Sunset Magazine did a feature on these forum members.

Has become a favorite of many of us.

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