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Hi folks!

We've just joined the Cookshack family by picking up a new (in unopened original box, never used) SM055. Stamped manufacture date says 2005.

The 6-year-old pack of sauce and rubs is a little scary -- we'll be tossing those! The starter pack of wood chunks should be good, though.

We're long time Big Green Egg and stoker users and make our own sausage and bacon and love to do pork butt. Always a challenge to keep the BGE cool enough for the pork, so we're looking forward to the Cookshack version and seeing if we have a preference. And looking forward to some smoked sausages!

I'm assuming it's straightfoward using the Stoker to monitor meat in the Cookshack -- just thread the probes through the top vent?

Thanks all! We're busy reading up on all the info here.
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We are remodeling the house and don't have a kitchen or even much of a prep area, but today we seasoned the SM055 and afterwards smoked some pre-made pork bangers and beer bratwursts and some peppers from the garden (then toasted up the skin over a skillet on a portable induction hob with some onions and smoked peppers).

It worked great.

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