I just received a new SM0009 smoker and it does not look like the one in the picture they are showing.
The temp control is just housed in a black metal box on top of the unit, the picture shows it mounted to the back panel.
Any other new owners notice this?

Smoker being shown on web site
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I do believe the one you got is the "new" model with the new temp control. The one in the advertising pic would be the "older" version. Prior to purchasing my SM045 I was going to get the the Amerique and I noticed that there were 2 different control panels being advertised on different sites. I asked about it on this forum and was told that the black control box in the middle of the unit was the "new" version. BTW... the black control box on my 45 is plastic... yours is metal ??
The control box on my Amerique is black metal. I called CS to ask them about it before I ordered. They said the change to the new panel type from the previous style was made in March of this year.

On my AQ, the control box is screwed into the top of the cooker with 8 stainless sheet metal screws. It's very secure, and the panel is well made.

I'm very happy with mine. I have no concerns about it. I have a cover for it on backorder, and in the meanwhile I have a tarp thrown over it to protect the cooker from the elements.

No matter what kind of cooker you buy, I recommend you get the cover.

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