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My local Albertons market usually does not have brisket but last week had packers for $1.69. Definately not marked as choice so I assume "select". Bought a 11.5 lb. I was a bit leery about how they would turn out but my preferred butcher is not as close to home and has gone up to $2.89 for Choice Packers.

I decided to marinate (which I had never done with brisket) and modified the Brisket archives 2000-2001 winning recipe. I used a Jaccard on the meat (hole poker/tenderizer) and did the full 24 hrs in OJ, Coke, spices. The acids looked like they really worked in. Rubbed mine with Montreal Steak.

Cooked it at 225 with a few ups and down temps do to timing of dinner. Pulled at 195 and rested in foil 1 hr. Overall it tasted good. Flat was still a bit dry in my opinion. I was able to pull the point for shredded beef and that was actually better! I think the marinating helped for this select packer.
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all i can get here is certified angus select full packers. i have had great success following in what i do in my fec in my sm150.
2 hours at 165 temp and the box filled full.
after that kick to 225f and let it go to 185f internal. take out and let it rest.
i think the trick to select is to look them over carefully. from what i have seen a lot of times what is marked as select is really choice due to the marbling. also stay away from any brisket with yellow fat as that indicates an old beast. i also do a flop test which drives my wife nuts.
hold it in the middle and shake. if you get a good floppy feeling those have worked for me and no i'm not kidding.
by the way where did you get the jaccard?? i have been thinking about one so your advice would be helpful to me.
hope it helps some
happy new years to you
Originally posted by prisonchef313:
[qb] also stay away from any brisket with yellow fat as that indicates an old beast. jack [/qb]
Hey Jack.. I've always heard that the yellow fat has to do with the beef cattle eating too much grass or foods with caratin. When I raised beef to sell, I pulled them off grass/hay a few weeks before selling them and put them on grain. That gave them enough time to eliminate the caratin.

But, the age thing is new to me..

I'm not sure how Jack will answer, but we have stayed away from the brisket that doesn't flop around like he said. And the real thick hard fat, whether yellow or white. I don't know whether it has to do with age or diet, but we haven't had good luck with the hard fat or tough acting brisket!
the yellow fat thing i learned under my old hard nosed german chef. it has served me well for beef,pork and lamb. funny part was when we were doing charcuterie work we would specificaly look for that color fat and the hardness of the fat layer as the older animals made the best terrines,pates and sausages. the only place i ever found where this rule doesn't work is chicken but again this may just be a factor of how i was trained and the techniques i learned. but this much for sure if my brisket don't floppy i ain't buying!!!
I hear ya on this Jack.. I've had excellent beef with yellow fat.. it just isn't as pretty as white fat beef.. however, your words on hard fat rings pretty true to my experience. It's not something I'd buy based on a singular past experience.

Best wishes to you and Peggy for the new year. We just returned from Germany and visiting our son and DIL over there. He is set up to return to a new airbase in S.Calif in two months.. so, we are looking forward to having him closer to home.. and hoping he doesn't have to go back to Iraq. It was a great Christmas.. and looking up to a good new year.
man i am so glad your boy is safe and sound!!!!!
as much as i hate to say it after listening to bush's last missive he sure sounds just like old LBJ and his Gulf of Tonkin resoultion which we know was a hoax. just wish they would bring them all back home and now!!!!! kinda odd coming from a vet but that is the way i feel. but i sure do support the kids who are caught up in this and serving us all and doing a great job!!!!!!
sure wish i could get to germany. man i would hog out on the sausages and radishes and good wheat beer
hope the best for you and your family in the coming year and thanks for the help you have given peggy and me in the last one!!!!!!
We enjoyed some sausages.. mostly white and blood. Had a few different types of brew.. but, I have to say.. I have never gotten caught up in the wheat beer (Hefeweizen???) .. Guess I don't like the taste imparted by the cloudness.. which I believe is yeast???? My favorites are darker ales.. but, in Germany, I like the Alt beer. I have "ralatives" (read.. an exchange student which we consider a "son" and his family) who are from Duesseldorf. Their hometown/local beer is called Alt Beer.. I like that style. When I brew, I like to do a nut brown ale. Guess that would be considered a "dunkle"..
Bill, I'm jealous. I want to go to Germany NOW. Picture the big blueberry girl on Willie Wonka!
But, getting back to the original post, we also have a hard time getting brisket here. The only place, as far as a supermarket that we can regularly get it is at WalMart. We can buy it from a food supply company.As demand increases for our brisket at the local farmers' market, we might need to buy it from the food supply comp. But then Jack won't get to do the flop thing. The briskets come in a case and frozen. We still don't get a choice of grades.
I chopped up the left over brisket and made Chili. Let it simmer and turned stove off/on to let it just sit over the course of 6 hrs. I used Penzeys Medium Chili powder. I usually add lots of beans but went light on beans and heavy on meat in this batch. Man this is some good Chili!
funny you should mention penzeys.
my when all else fails rub for brisket just happens to be an equal mix of their northwoods fire and old english prime rib spices.
by the way i have a friend that lives in willows in nor cal. hope the rains haven't been too hard on you and that you and yours are safe and sound!!!

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