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If you are a new member, there will be a significant delay in approving your request to the forum, could be by as much a week.

You can still read the forum, however you just can't post until you're approved.

Unfortunately a SPAMMER from China is logging multiple emails and wasting our time in general.

My only option is to require my approval before new members will be allowed to post.

Please be patient, as I'm not always at the computer and I'll try to approve you as time permits.

This will just go on for a while, please PM me if you have any questions.

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Update Sept. 28.

Well it happened again, so the forum will now only allow you to be a member after we approve. Too many spammers seem to be waiting just to post so it can get deleted.

NOTE: If you're a new member, please be patient until your approval is reviewed. We have to review all new members to keep the spammers out.

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