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Of course,I'm one of the many that already use an FEC 100 for home use,as well as the comp circuit,but the versatility of the cooker makes it good for many of the things a home entertainer might wish to do.

Although I cook steaks in mine,that would be the one area to concentrate on for ease for the home cook.

Just a thought.
Donna, if I can interpret your question as market research for new products, let me suggest one: A battery backup for the controller on all the electronic controlled units you sell. Not enough backup to run the smoker, just enough to run the controller so a power outage that lasts more than a few seconds won't turn the smoker off in the middle of the night. Like maybe a 9 volt battery. My $30 clock has one. I think my $1500 smoker should too.

As an alternative, power the electronics via a separate power cord in future models so the controller can be plugged into a UPS like a computer.
What does "sized for home use" really mean?

Right now I have a Traeger 70, but am considering an FEC-100 because the Traeger is much too small for my needs. Really the FEC-100 is overkill for me, but I like the rack size of the FEC, and the option to add more racks closer spaced together for ribs as you can on the FEC-100. Still, I'd like an option between something the size of the FEC-100 and what I have now... say a 3 rack FEC-75 with a 5 rack spacing option, same style and build features, but at a price point below 2K. I'd also like the option to do steaks and such on the bottom grate, keeping the same burner from the FEC but allowing hotter temps > 450.

The larger Traegers are a possibility, but the 75 doesn't provide that much more space, and the larger XL doubles the pellet usage since it has two burners to feed. I'm already thinking the reduced pellet usage of the FEC-100 would be great, even over the Traeger 70.

Thanks for the opportunity to dream...
Todd G has a point (and I don't mean to highjack this thread)----a battery backup would be good--it should also be designed to keep it "off" during a power outage cycle----the new 025s turn on automatically when you plug it in which means, if they are left plugged in while off, anytime the power goes out and back on, the unit will turn on---and the owner would never know...luckily it usually isn't hot enough to do any damage but I don't want mine on anytime I don't know about it.
need to stress to unplug it all the time when not in actual use.
on your question--yes--I'd be interested in a home pellet unit--I researched and bought Cookshack primarily for the quality and customer service reputation---and I'd be interested in other "home sized" Cookshack products as well

I was at a friends house this weekend, and he has two Traegers and a FEC100.

After looking at the Traeger, it is not insulated, and that has to cause it to use more fuel. Even when it is warm out. And when it is cold it would really have to start to use up the fuel.

Something else to think about. And then you really need to look at the different controllers on each unit. The IQ is the only way to go. The features are so nice, and the more you cook, you will see the more you will use it.

Were doing 72 buts in a few weeks, and also doing a little cooking class at a scout event in about three weeks. Adn we'll be using the FEC's.

Originally posted by DMassey:
how about the new pellet grill that Eddy is putting out has a small area for high temps and another area for slow smokes sounds like the best of both worlds to me. havent seen the size of it but the ideal is great

CS isn't selling that, it's more a grill (but can be a smoker) it's not out yet

I get a lot of questions why CS doesn't have something smaller than an FE.

For me, the question would be capacity, size.

If it was a 2 rack version of an FE, with an option for a traeger style or a electronic controller option (that would be a price issue)

I think if you had the AQ or new series, but with a pellet, that might be a good size for home use.

I have two FE's in the backyard, so capacity isn't an issue, but I do talk to a lot of people Big Grin

Your points about the Traeger are spot on I think, and the lower pellet consumption and extra capacity of an FEC-100 would be appreciated, although that size is admittedly larger than my current needs. I'm definitely intrigued by the idea of a slightly smaller FEC like I described. Get too much smaller, though, and it may become a harder decision due to competitors. An FEC-75 really would have no similar competitors, much smaller and they'd be competing with their own Amerique, etc.
I would love a smaller, pellet fired smoker. It could maybe be shorter than the FEC-100 with wider grates, larger than my AQ-066. Must meet the following criteria:

It would have to completely replace my propane grill (steaks, burgers, hot dogs, etc.)
It would have to have to get really hot - I'm thinking at least 450°
It would have to be insulated.
Would have to have the smoking performance of the FEC-100
Would have to have digital temperature control and a built-in temp probe and (hopefully) hold function like my AQ.
It would hopefully be on a stand with maybe a side table to make loading/unloading a bit easier (possibly as an option).
Well, I'd really LOVE to have a pellet-fired residential size smoker. To tell you the truth, I had considered Trager as I am now looking to replace my 08 for a bit more room. But I can't go there. Hey, I'm in W. Michigan and for a large portion of the year, I need that super CS insulation package. And a FEC 100 would be too large for my needs. So I'll just put all my shopping on "HOLD" and see what the future brings. Hopefully, a pellet-fired residential unit with more capacity than my 08. Ahhhh. Bring it on! Smiler
The C/S website says that the C/S residential wood-electric models are not allowed in competition. They are illegal for use at KCBS & MIM events. The FE units, however are "legal" and are not banned. So, could a competition crew, prepare meat for judging in the new proposed pellet-fired unit and be legal? Confused

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