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I was fortunate enough to pick up a PG1000 at an auction for a great deal. I have a few questions. I was able to get a manual from (Thank you)!
I'm pretty fired up to use it. I'm just starting to poke around a bit on the forum here. When you smoke say a brisket, or turkey, or anything for that matter, do you put foil or a drip pan under it?
Many more questions to come I'm sure.
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Hmmm... tell us a little more about which version of the grill you have.

The drip pan that sits under the indirect grate on the right will catch all the drippings and drain them to the channel on the far right which will then drain to a bucket you hang on the right under the shelf.

Foil the drip pan for ease of cleaning. Just change the foil every cook.

Welcome to the club,

Hard to tell if you have the CS version or the prior Danson Version.

I'm not a fan of drip pans for smoking. The smoke concentrates in the grease and it tastes nasty. Smoking in a pan doesn't improve the taste.

Pick one food item, ask some questions and master that.

I'd suggest a pork butt.

From there, you can expand.

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