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Every Tuesday, 4 or 5 friends and I get together for lunch...usually the same spot but we change it up every 3 or 4 weeks. So today we decided to go to Jamie's, a local dive on Broadway in Sacramento, CA. A tad pricey, especially for a dive Big Grin, but the food is very good. I asked for the signature dish and was told...the Brisket Sandwich, Brandied Fried Chicken, the Rueben, or on Weds/Fri the seafood grill with scallops.

Well. A couple of us split the Brisket Sandwich and the Brandied Fried Chicken. The Brisket Sandwich was delicious. Moist, great bark, good smoke flavor, beefy. The sandwich piled high with brisket on a nice French baguette cut about 15" in length. Guess it should be big for $16. Turned out well worth it.

Waitress knew the brisket was slow cooked for 10 hrs, but didn't know what kind of smoker they used. When I asked if I could see it, the waitress directed me out back.

Here's what I found:

No, not a Cookshack. Not any brand. Homemade. Giving off a lot of smoke. Sorry about the picture quality, but I took it on a camera phone into the choice.

This is not a barbecue restaurant, but they turned out a nice smoked brisket sandwich.
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