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So I decided to try a take on Mojo pork. Turned out pretty darned tasty.

Cut up a butt into big chunks, then cut a couple of slits in each piece and inserted a sliver of fresh garlic in each.

Then vac packed with some mojo marinade and into the fridge overnight.

Today I seasoned it up with some Sazon with annato & corriander. Can't find the Badia brand locally, but I did find this brand. Should have a nice color when they're done.

Into the FEC at 250 for the afternoon...

Took just under 5 hours. Plenty of bark for everyone...

Plated up with some salsa de aguacate and charro beans.

We're gringo's, we eat flour tortillas. Thanks for looking.
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Originally posted by seasoned1:
well I also looked at the serious eats recipe but would like the smoke added. so I am thinking of taking my weber spit and placing the meat and pineapple on it and placing it vertically in the fec100 by using two grates top and bottom then clamping the spit in place.
what do you think?

And I ran across this...

Cooked on a Shirley, but I think I may need to try this in the FEC. SOON!
Create an account on a photo sharing site (photobucket, imgur, flickr) Upload the pics, then put a link to the pic into the post. On Imgur, you can right click the pic and click copy image address, then when creating your post, click on the Image Icon and paste in the link. On Photobucket, on the right side of the pic click where it says IMG then paste that into the post.
I didn't sear as it had plenty of bark. one mistake I made was slicing pork too thin. as it had a bit of a pasty taste initially when chopped up. this I think was from too thin sliced. once I reheated in a skillet and add a pineapple habanero finishing sauce it was decent. I will make it again but will make adjustments. has potential to be out of the park.
a used my meat slicer and should have had the butt almost frozen before slicing. serious eats said to slice as thin as you can but theirs was cooked in the oven and had a layer of bacon under it. so I would suggest at least 1/4 to maybe 3/8. also the marinade is very thick so it may help to add more chicken stock. additionally I think it is better to pull from the smoker at about 130 to 140 since the meat and pineapple need to be chopped and then reheated in a frying pan. that would keep the moisture content up.

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