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13.5 pound boneless prime rib following mostly the PR 101. And a few tricks I have learned along the way. I used the PG-500 with a mixture of hickory and cherry pellets. The roast fit perfectly in zone 4. Rubbed with Kosher salt and Montreal Steak Season 24 hours in advance. Smoked at 225 degrees for 5 hours. Pulled at internal temp of 120 degrees and FTC for 1.5 hours. 15 minutes in a 500 degree oven and then sliced and served. MY BEST PRIME RIB EVER! I have been serving Prime Rib for about 10 years now. Same people every year. The reviews are always good, but this year I think their were many more "OH MY GAWD!" between bites.

I think the key this year was the 1.5 hours hold at 120 degrees internal. I have let them rest in past years but my timing was never such that 1.5 hours was possible. I had the least amount of graying this year. Only the end cuts had some on the very edges. 1/4 of the way in there was no gray at all. When I was cutting about the 3-4 slice I had no gray at all. It was beautiful and medium rare. It was that medium rare that cuts with a butter knife.

I am going to post another thread for the recipe I used for the side dish of potatoes. I recommend it.

Thanks again everyone for the awesome tips and posts about Prime Rib. Special thanks to Smokin'. I read PR 101 2-3 times in the days and morning leading up to the cook. Outstanding guide!

Here is the picture, just before slicing.

Here is the picture of the 6th slice.

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