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Made some smoked Oysters this afternoon, and of course I had to boil some eggs to smoke as well. After I got them in, I thought about some really giant Jalapenos I just bought. I gathered them up and cored them lengthwise, stuffed them with a Jimmy Dean Sausage/ Garlic/ Mexican cheese mixture, topped them with some really good Bacon, and put them in the smoker with the Oysters and eggs. When they came out, the bacon wasn't done as well as I like, so I put the peppers in a cast iron pan and put them under the broiler for a few minutes to finish them off.

Turned out absolutely fantastic!

Here's my recipe:
2 doz regular or 1 doz Xtra Large Jalapenos Peppers
1lb Jimmy Dean's Sausage (Hot)
2 Cloves Garlic minced
1 Cups Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese

Core the peppers and set aside.(Lengthwise if you don’t have a Jalapeno rack)
Mix sausage, garlic and cheese together thoroughly.
Stuff peppers with the mixture.
Place a strip of Lean Bacon on top of each.

Smoke @ 200°F for a couple hours, using your favorite wood until internal sausage temp reaches 135
(I used a couple oz of Alder and Apple, but Mesquite or Hickory would be good here as well.)

Remove from Smoker and place Jalapenos on a baking sheet, or in a Cast Iron Pan and place under broiler until bacon is crispy.

I put the leftover sausage on the top of the Jalapeno strips I cut out when coring the peppers and added a small piece of bacon for each. I placed them on the rack and smoked them with the large Jalapenos.

…They never made it to the broiler!

Here's some pics...

Eggs, Oysters and ABT's, Going in!

ABT's in the Broiler

Everything finished and ready to eat!

Finished ABT's

Smoked Oysters in light Olive Oil

The Cookshack Seafood Grills make a nice pattern on the Smoked Eggs
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That's good advice.

I usually try to use the oldest eggs I have, and I do add salt to the water, but when the smoker's hot, and you want some eggs, you gotta do what you gotta do...
Only had fresh ones in this case, and the salt didn't work too well.

I only recently heard about poking a hole in the shell before boiling. Tried it and it seems to work. Now I have a dedicated Egg Pin.
My ABT's turned out fantastic for a first try. I used the chorizo, garlic and cream cheese. I am now really looking forward to different variations. Crab, sausage, etc.

Surprisingly my family enjoyed the eggs as well. They are pretty good by themselves with a little hot sauce, like tapatio or louisiana style sauce. I plan on making some egg salad with the rest. Thanks for the tips.

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