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OK you Cali guys, how did this Midwestern kid do?

First off, first time cooking/eating tri-tip. Gotta say, I think I've found my new favorite roast. Outstanding flavor!

Anyhow, opened up the package from RD. Guess it was more than a three pack like I thought it was.

Trimmed off the fat and the fat cap, covered with Oakridge BBQ Santa Maria seasoning and into the fridge for about four hours.

Into the pre-heated CS020 at 200 for one hour and fifteen minutes with some white oak hardwood cutoffs. Temp was 105 taking it out. Then onto a nice hot grill. Definitely want to grill it, does not look appetizing at all coming out of the smoker.

About 25 minutes on the grill and it's done. Let it rest in foil for about half hour while the sides finish up.

Mmm... That was some GOOD eatin'!

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Not a West coast guy, by dang , I'd be happy to come over and sample a little. Don't even have much of a clue on the proper way to cook one, my last one I did what you did except I pulled it at 105* rested it in foil while I did the sides and then finished it off on high heat. Didn't need the rest that way, was worried about wanting to keep what little crust I had built.

Really think cooking over a open flame and mopping is probably the best way, but don't tell Pags that.
The midwestern kid did real good. That looks right on. Tri tip offers a nice bold flavor.

I've had the tri tip with and without the mop, and both ways are good. I lean towards the mop, not just for the flavor, cause the flare ups put on a nice show. Tri tip is also a fairly lean cut of beef but is still fairly tender if not over cooked. So it's like the best of both worlds.

Nice job Andy.
This is the best tri-tip I have ever had! It was tender and juicy and so flavorful. I did follow others advice and used 1/2 garlic salt and 1/2 garlic powder in place of the garlic salt. I also used a mix of brown and white sugar for the sugar. I don't know if that makes any difference. All I know is this tri-tip was to die for. I already have plans to make it again !
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Ok, so I live in CA, two hours south of Santa Maria, Tri-tip capital of the world! Well done Andy, your tri-tip looks great! It's not a good cut for low and slow, it like's hot and fast, rare in the middle, char on the outside. I prefer it sliced thin, real thin; great for sandwiches. And, I have seen it served with greens, well, a salad actually, but that's just us. btw, spent last week in Chicago and ate my way through the city, pizza, chicago dog, Italian beef, nice steak that city.
I've had great results smoking the tri tip to an internal of 110* then grilling with the Santa Maria mop for flareups. Still get grilling flavor/char but with a great smoke flavor. Like grilling over real wood.

Actually, doing this tri tip technique for a barbecue we're throwing this weekend. I even bought Red Oak chunks to make it as authentic as possible.

Also, doing Que n RN's smoked salmon spread recipe for one of our appetizers. It's delicious. Here's the recipe.

And Jack Daniels Smoke BBQ Baked Beans amongst others.

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