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Welcome to our new grilling section.

I did two different variations on Grilled Red Snapper. I'll be posting photos and details tomorrow.

Did RS two ways.

One with just a simple lemon slice in the sides and aromatics in the belly and

Two with a cilantro pesto kind of mixture

grilled one in a basket to make flipping easier. Those little pucks in the corner are some marinated/grilled Portobello's.

Second one I grilled direct, no basket, minimal sticking

Recipes to follow soon.

Did both of these on the FEPG1000, direct side (zone 1) with temp at 350.
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Originally posted by MaxQ:
Looks great!

I'm a huge fan of any fish grilled/roasted whole on the bone. Speaking as a restaurant owner & chef, at least 50% of my patrons are freaked out by such a plate presentation, and this comes after 30 years of trying to educate them despite my wait staff being trained to de-bone a presented fish.

I agree MaxQ, not too many people can look there dinner in the eye as they eat it! Big Grin

Great pics Smokin! Looks delicious!!
Originally posted by MaxQ:
... freaked out by such a plate presentation, ....

So my son is a big fan of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer so he wanted to try to eat some of the head. He "tried" but it was too hard too do, but it wasn't because the fish was looking back at him... LOL
Nice job Smokin. I think the grilling thread will be a great addition.

Can those of us unfortunate enough to have an off brand grill still contribute?

If you think the fish head eating is tough, I had a great Uncle (Monsignor in the Greek Orthodox Church) who ate the whole lamb's head at Easter...tongue, eyes, brains, face skin. I wouldn't watch.

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