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Well if you have a comment for the "mods" feel free to email me/PM me (there's only one MOD -- me) but since you asked....

Oh, and you don't know your MOD's name? Man, I feel like such a loser Frowner

The issue isn't me putting them in one place, we just need USERS to post pics. The forum has a feature to upload/create a photo album in any post.

Did you know there is already a thread, at the top of the forum that has photos of "show us your smoker setup?"

We've even had contests to have people enter photos. Just doesn't seem to be something people on this forum like to do a lot of. We can't make people take photos.

The one thing we can't do that I wish we could, was identify ANY post that has photos.

Anyone can post pictures in a thread, and having seen it done multiple ways here, post a picture in it's own thread really helps that topic be placed in the right forum.

The one thread for photos just doesn't work with the forum as it's currently set up, we prefer to go by topic.

Appreciate the suggestion, Brown274.

One thing you could do is post a topic and ask for specific photos (not smokers) but see if anyone has photos they can post to your thread.

the MOD Big Grin

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