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Well my neighbor down the road had a sample of my pig candy up at the liquor store. No, I don't sell it there.
I just take care of the boss, and when the beer supply gets low, he always hides a couple cases for me. What a guy.
Anyway back to the candy, the neighbor stopped by and asked me if I would make some for him.
“Sure, no problem. How much do you want? I get bacon in a 10# box.”
“I'll take a box.”
So here we go.

10 pounds of unsmoked bacon, aka fresh. (I don't care what the box says)

Made the coating. 4# Brown Sugar and 1/2 cup of Hot Chili Powder.

I fired up my trusty #10 smokin' can to add more smoke to the bacon.

This is the second load. I didn't use a pan under the first load. And you talk about a gawd awful mess. I had one.
I need to get 3 more racks, so I will have a total of 7 for this type of stuff.

I let em cool and packed in 3 one gallon ZipLock bags. No pics of that. My hands were too sticky to touch anything.

10# box of Fresh Bacon
4 pounds Brown Sugar
1/2 cup Hot Chili Powder

Smoke @ 225 for 4 hours. Cool and pack. Refrigerate or freeze.
I got a yield of 5.5 pounds.

Thanks for lookin'. Enjoy.
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