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Originally posted by Scottie J.:
Someday, I hope I can return to Cookshack and return the favor of being part of the first cooking class that Eddy had. But I have to win more first...

Yeah, you LEARNED at the class and did VERY well after that.

Me... I'm still trying Smiler

Candy Sue, can't wait to see you on your home turf!
Originally posted by Tom:
Congrats to SmokiOkie,and all our friends that walked.

This truly was an allstar cook,and the money showed it. Cool

Smokin was 11th in ribs,and 3rd in pork.

Some overalls

TarHeel Smokers 4 th
Pellet Envy 9th
CandySue 14th
Scotty 18th

Bunch more pelletheads walked,as well.


I think those were chicken scores. As Candy was in the top 5 overall. I know Tarheel was in the top 10. I was 12th and Rod cooking on his new IQ4's was right behind me? Not really sure as I don't have the score sheet.

Results (top ten in each category) listed below. Congratulations to everyone for a job well done!

(Teams using FEC smokers have an * by their name. If I missed anyone, please let me know.)

2 Four Men and a Pig
3 Blazen BBQ
4 KC Can Crew
5 BBQr's Delight*
6 Tarheel Smokers*
7 J and J Redneck
8 Smokin' Guns BBQ
9 Smoke on Wheels
10 Lotta Bull BBQ

1 Four Men and a Pig
2 Red Neck Royality
3 Slabs
4 Tarheel Smokers*
5 Wizards of Que*
6 EJ's Q
7 Smokin' Guns BBQ
8 Pink Flamingo BBQ
9 Pellet Envy*
10 Bub-Ba-Q

1 Ulcer Acres BBQ
2 Smoking in the Dark
3 Four Men and a Pig
4 Blazen BBQ
6 Smokin' Triggers
7 J and J Redneck
8 The
9 Smoke on Wheels
10 BBQr's Delight*

1 Motley Que Crew
2 BBQr's Delight*
3 Smokin' Okies*
4 Blazen BBQ
5 Fowl Smokin' Swine
6 Smokin' Triggers
7 Delta Smoke*
8 Lotta Bull BBQ
9 Four Men and a Pig
10 Florida's Skin and Bones

You can see a full list at
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