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I'm smokin' brisket for a wedding party of 150. The catering chart at 85% retention (if this is correct) says I need 68.4 pounds raw brisket for serving 1/3 per person. I'm getting select packers from Sam's by the case.
I've done briskets by themselves in my FEC at 224 for 15 hours (practising). I've come up with what we really like but haven't smoked a full smoker. Thinking I can get 2 briskets a rack...4 racks means 8 briskets for a full smoker.
Is the 68.4 pounds right for 150 people? Do I rotate racks (I do this for butts).
I never trimmed the practise briskets before the cook.
Thanks for any advice.
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Anymore,I try to stay out of the vend,or cater, like Randy does.

A group of "eating" men we always allowed one lb raw select packer per man.
Always better to feed a little extra,or give carryout bags to special folks.

I guess if the knife skills are good ,and it is some older folks and a group of dainty gals,2/3 lb raw would get you 5-6 oz serving each?

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