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I want to smoke my prime rib on my Smokette Smoker tomorrow but I am not sure how to go about it. What type of wood should I use? Any special seasonings other than what I normally use for the oven? How long will it take to get the meat med. rare and what temperature do I set the smoker to? Too bad there is not Prime Rib 101!!!! Also, would it be better to smoke 2 small prime rib roasts or one large one.
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Thanks SmokinOkie! I am not computer smart I am seeing! Forguring out this site is frustrating! Thank goodness using my smoker is not that frustrating!
I have 2 prime ribs totaling 11.5 pounds. I rubbed them with rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt, and pepper and let them sit overnight with the rub mixture. I have my smoker preheating at 250*. After reading the Prime Rib 101, It is my understanding I need to smoke it for 12 mins per pound at 250* and then turn it down to 140 and hold it at that temperature for 4 hours. My question is what internal temperature should the prime rib reach if you want the roast to be medium rare? What temperature should the meat reach after smoking it for 12 mins per pound at 250*?
Also I did not notice what wood you would use for the smoke either. I am considering using apple and pecan as I don't want a strong smoke flavor. Any advice would be appreciated!
Once my prime rib is done, I will try and post some pictures.
Cook to a specific internal temp, not time.

Well MR is not an exact number. I did a search on the net once and found MR from 125 to 145. ME? I take it off at 125. Definitely make sure you let it rest at least an hour or two (hard, but worth it). It will continue to climb in temp.

I'd go with just the pecan. Don't think apple does a lot for beef (better, for me, for pork).
Thanks for the help! YET AGAIN, ANOTHER AWESOME SMOKE! Dang, if I did not want to get stuck with doing all the smoking I would make something HORRIBLE just ONCE! heheheheheh
My Prime RIB was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! I was worried to be honest since when I opned it per the instructions after it had been smoking at 250* for 1.5 hours ( 12 mins/lb the meat was REALLY giggly (raw feeling) BUT I DID turn it down to 140 for the LONG SLOW HAUL!!!! After 4 hours or so the meat still was NOT quite up to the 125 that I was told it should be. SO, I decided to turn the smoker BACK up and I left it for an hour. When I opened the smoker.... what to my amazing eyes did appear.... 2 GOREGEOUS Prime ribs waiting to be sliced!! NOT yet, I Said as it MUST rest for an hour or two. OMG.... when I sliced it, I did not think it was going to get to make it to the display table! hahahahaha
needless to say I made a plenty and I even sent my friend home with 3 beautifully sliced piecesof prime rib for dinner another night!
I DID use apple and pecan wood as I had not gotten SmokinOkie's advice! Everyone loved it and it was cooked to perfection!!! I will NEVER order another Prime Rib again! I am running low on my choices for eating out! I AM NOT TOO SURE ABOUT THIS COOKSHACK! Razzer

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for you awesome advice!!!
I cooked a prime rib and made a paste using equal parts of whole grain mustard and brown sugar, then mixed it together with olive oil. Rubbed the PR real good and it made a nice crust!!!

I removed mine at 132º and let rest, it then climed to 145º....I should have taken it out at 125º for my liking....but it was still hte best!!!

Smoked a 6 rib, 10.11# standing rib roast. Made a paste with EVOO, crushed black pepper, sea salt, basil, thyme and minced garlic which I rubbed the meat real well with. Set the AmeriQue at 250*, put the probe in and set it at 140*. Took it out and foiled it for an hour. Best damn standing rib roast ever! Several of the guests even took some home! Love that Cookshack, makes life easy.

Geaux Tigers!!!

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