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Dang. That sounds tasty. Smoked Pancetta wrapped scallops. When do you know the scallops are cooked? Time? Temp?

I love this smoker.

We went to San Francisco yesterday with another couple and ate downtown at Tadich's (the wharf was super jammed with tourists and people from the Run for Breast Cancer, who also jammed the Golden Gate Bridge). Tadich's was established way back in 1849 (wonder if Palladin ate there Big Grin). Had the best Cioppino I've ever had. Dipped the garlic bread in the juices. Heaven. I couldn't stop wondering how this dish would taste with smoked fish and mussels, all other seafood and ingredients with the original recipe. Had a couple more Stella's. Smiler

We did some site seeing and found the 2 steepest hills in San Francisco on the internet. So we drove down them. What a rush. Came home and was so stuffed from all the bread in the Cioppino juices that I only had a few smoked almonds for dinner. Did I say I love this smoker?
I will try pancetta next time ... thanks!

The scallops were done in 20 minutes at 225

I have a pizza pan that has small holes all over the bottom of it and it was perfect for putting the scallops on to place in the smoker.

I actually chilled these scallops and then sliced them in half & served them on a salad with a citrus vinagrette - they were tasty!

Today I am doing boneless chicken breasts wrapped in bacon .... any advice on temp & time?

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