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Received a CS101 cooker for 'free'. The unit did not heat up and the inside looked as if they used it every day, just didn't clean it for a few dozen years. The grease was inches thick.
Since it was a Cookshack, I decided to take a chance and purchase a new heater coil.
The heater coil took 10 minutes to replace, the cleaning took a week.
I had to just sit and smile as I turned on the switch (no dial on mine, just a L M H dial)and the unit began to heat. I guess it means that if I want another unit, I would not hesitate to buy Cookshack. This old unit proves how well these smokers are made. There really is no substitute for "Doing it right the first time"
I think I was rewarded for my faith in Cookshack.
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Thanks Wheelz
I think the only thermostats are the most recent ones and are expensive.
Also, Ive had the smoker seasoning for a day and I wanted to get 275*. I was able to set the L, M, H, knob so that the smoker cycles from 266 to 288 every 15 minutes and that is with the smoker empty. Im not sure an up to date thermostat would do much better. I am thrilled with this smoker.

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