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Just wanted to bounce some questions off of you guys. Im doing a cook next week for 125 guys and im thinking of precooked 50lbs pork butt for pulled pork and 40lbs smoked sausage. I figure one sandwich a piece and 1/3 lb sausage. There will also be plenty of sides to go around. What do you think about the amounts?

I figure this amount as last month it was 75 guys 2 sandwiches a piece and there was a few pounds left over.
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If 50 lbs raw meat gives about 25 lbs cooked pork,that is around 100 four oz sanwiches.

Around 130, three oz sandwiches.

If it is all male /servicemen,3 oz is kinda skimpy for a sandwich,even though there is 1/3 lb sausage.

You can get by ,with placing all the sides up front,and let them fill their plates with them.

Todd is more a caterer,but personally,I'd like to give them a good four oz sandwich and cut the sausage back to 1/4 lb.

Just a thought.
I agree with Tom, but I figured with all that sausage not everyone would go for a sandwich, so I figured 100 would be enough. Plus you may get a little more than 50% yield giving you some margin.

If you don't mind risking leftovers, I'd throw in another 2 pack of butts just to be safe, but with 5oz of sausage per person, I'd bet you won't need it. At least if these guys have any concerns about being sent to a PT class. Smiler
A couple more add ons from the weekend.

I helped a couple host ,over 200 folks, for their 45th anniversary.

It was hot,humid,and sunny.

A 95% adult crowd,1/4 in their early 30's,and the rest ,over 50 yrs old.

They have had their Smokette/ 008 for about five years and a moderate sized gasser.

They are infrequent cooks.

They cooked for three days,getting the meats done.

We did pulled pork,packer briskets,and fancy Bruce Aidell sausages from California.

I always like the sausages as fillers/emergency.

I always cut them smallish-as snacks.

We set the buffet tables in three areas.

Party ran about 5 1/2 hrs of feeding.

Although pulled pork was last,everyone took the most of it.

Sliced brisket was next to last,and it was second ,only to pork.

Four types of gourmet sausages were third from last.

They put them out whole,as a meal meat.

Very few folks would take a 5 oz sausage,so I cut them into thirds.

More people took them,but not enough.

I then cut them into 3/4 inch slices and placed them on all the appetizer tables as well.

EVERYONE consumed them quickly.

As usual,even though they bought lots of very nice,smallish dinner rolls-90% ate no bread.

Not saying this is an always guide,but it tends to follow our local experience.

Hope this helps someone.
I took your advice and went with 60 lbs of pulled pork through on 2 extra's went with a full case and got it cheaper at 98cents a pounds. I just through them on 6pm and will start looking to pull them off around 8am ill let you know how well it goes. Oh yea as for left overs the guys that live in the dorms and eat at the chow hall (the scarf and puke) said they would be happy to take it home.
Well things went great as usual, but there were a few lessons i thought i would share.

as with all the other porkbutts i had done i had planned to pull them around 8am, but as Smokin says its done when its done they werent ready to come off till 945. Thats why had planned 3 hours before it was time to eat to give me the extra time if needed.

Second and this has happened many times- word of a BBq gets around i had planned on 125 and 163 people showed up. Glad i listened to Tom and Todd and throughed on 2 more butts!

Third thing i had read on this site somewhere we cut up the sausage in fourths, this helped stretch it our more also.

Lastly we placed all the sides up front and the meat at the end. This way by the time they got to the meat they already had a plate full of sides and went for less meat. Oh and as Tom mentioned earlier very few ate the rolls that were out.

Overall everyone had a great time and now i can start my 4 day weekend.
Originally posted by Tom:
That's why you caterers make the big bucks,sleep late in the mornin's,have a driver take you in -to just supervise all the expert help,that always shows up,when scheduled,stand around in your fancy polo shirt and hug the pretty ladies. Wink

Well no, actually it is more exciting than that.

Last night about 3am I heard a noise outside and looked out the window but didn't see anything. A few minutes later I thought I heard voices so I went downstairs to look and saw two guys trying to steal my pig cooker. I ran out to find two really drunk guys trying to get my 1-7/8" trailer to fit their 2-5/16" ball. Pleasantries were exchanged all around! Red Face The police were invited to come join us and my two new friends ended up going home with their new buddy in blue. We finished up about 5am. No sleep for me.

I just got in at 11:06pm and am badly in need of a shower and bed, but I'm one hog lighter now than I was earlier today, and my clients were finishing off their pony keg and opening up the JD when I left at 10:00. Cleared maybe $800ish, so once I get cleaned up I'll be happy too. Also, I think I might have killed their dog. They told me the dog had heart worms AFTER I shared about 3# of crispy skin with the pooch. The dog was pretty wiped out, but really seemed to enjoy the skin. Oh well.

Tomorrow I'll get up and do it again with a half hog. Looking forward to tomorrow night when all I have to do is load the Amerique and go to sleep.

Maybe Monday I'll smell good enough to get a few hugs. I'd like to get them as soon as possible because I supposed to do a fundraiser at UNC-CH next week for a campus GLBT group. For those of you that don't get out much, that's Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgender. Should be real interesting.

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