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I had a 4.5 lbd ribeye that I kept meaning to make for a nice sit down dinner. But people just kept wanting to "woop it up" one of those wierd weekends. I finally got it in on Sunday night. All I did was was a little bit of salt and pepper, 225 degrees for four hours until it reached a temp of 125. I let it sit for about an hour and than used my meat slicer to get nice thin slices. I didn't have any decent bread the first night but wanted a picture of the nice rare meat. Last night I picked up some good bread, peppers, cheese etc. This will certainly be on the menu again.

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Tony; Nice job! Looks like you even have some bark action going on in 4 hours. OK. I,m going to try one Sunday. The only beef I,ve done is jerky so this will be my first. Question: I understand beef will really suck up the smoke. How much and what kind of wood did you use? Ooop,s, I have cooked a lot of briskets but ribeye is different.(fast cook vrs. slow) Thanks.
Whalebone... When I've cooked rib roasts in my 008, I've used very little wood. To me, a rib roast shouldn't have a strong smoke flavor like a brisket. I use about an ounce of white oak, but I also put a few sprigs of fresh rosemay and a few large garlic cloves into the firepbox (I think this was in Stuart's original Prime Rib recipe). It comes out wonderful every time!
Thanks Ron: Just in time sir!! After I posted my question this morning my wife walked in and I was just staring at Tony,s picture of the whole ribeye. She says "That'll work". Sunday plan is now todays. So I've just returned with a 4 and a half pounder. Yes... about an ounce is what I had in mind, maybe a little less. I'll use pecan. Yep....garlic cloves in the fire box for sure and a good rub down with garlic powder,fresh cracked pepper and sea salt. Gonna shoot for 125 also cuz I like that rare rib. Thanks again Ron.
I use pecan all the time for brisket, so I can see where it would be very good on the rib roast, too. By now, you're probably in food coma with a full belly of prime rib! i hope it came out well. I just pulled a 15 pound brisket out of my 008 after 23 hours. Its resting now... We'll probably eat in about an hour.
Coming right up SmokinOkie; First off it turned out to be a 4.5 lb. standing rib roast. 3 bones were hidden under the packaging. The lable read "rib eye roast" That's why when given a choice I"ll go with cryovaced meat. It was CAB though. Rubbed it down as indicated in the above post. Decided to proceed with caution so I cut a 3/4 oz. chunk of pecan - didn't want to over do it. Peeled 4 garlic cloves and added to the wood box. Put the roast bone side down on the center rack. Big end staring me in the face. Temp. probe exact center pushed half way through. On @ 1pm - 250deg. tic toc tic toc 3:45pm internal @ 127deg. Removed & set on foil, reinserted temp. probe in exact same location. Wrapped in foil - wrapped in a big fluffy cannon towel - put her in the cooler for a rest. Within a half hour internal temp. went from 127 to 134 and stayed there for another half hour. The rest pretty much goes as Tony's pictures show. (BTW Tony, good idea!!) Saute'd bell peppers and onions, grilled Kaiser rolls, mozzarella cheese, mayo, horseradish sauce. WOW. Summary: Fine fine food...the results exceeded my exspectations by about 10 miles then some. Next time I,m going to add a few more garlic cloves to the wood box. Thanks to all you folks who participate in the CS forum cuz eating good is living good. Safe holidays to all.

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