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So this Thanksgiving, as most recent ones, I did a rotisserie turkey on my Lynx gas grill. I really enjoy the "self-basting" results, crispy skin, tender meat that this method provides.  This was a 17.5lb Honeysuckle White Turkey (frozen) bought at Winn Dixie for $0.49/lb. About $8.0.  I inject with butter, white wine and poultry spice, then rub with olive oil, salt, pepper and more poultry rub.  Cooked in about 2 1/2 hours. Always great results. I'll have to experiment more with smoking a turkey before I'll commit to bringing one for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Happy Thanksgiving all!IMG-20211124-WA0013[1]


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The turkey came out amazing. My brother-in-law did his on his Traeger using one of those smoke pipes up the bird's rear. His did look nicer, had a nice light smoke flavor, but I think the Rotisserie bird was way more juicy and tender.

Basically I stuck the rod through the plastic tie that holds the legs together, so that centers that end. Then it is all about getting the forks stuck into the best center you can find on the neck end. I had to double tie the legs and wings and midbody torso or else the bird may start to flop around a bit.  I also have a strong slow motor drive so it doesn't get wound up as it goes around. It isn't perfect.

But the results!

So my Lynx has two settings, One higher and closer to the infrared burner, and one lower and further away. I try to fit on the closer one but sometimes the wing or body might rub the the top. This one just barely made it. I have to remove the grill rods and the warmer rack. I place a large drip pan underneath so nothing drips into the grill. The drippings were used for the gravy.  Supposedly my rig can handle up to 25lb but I think a 20lb bird is about the limit on diameter. I've never tried on my weber, don't have the set up either.

The infrared burner has only one setting, on. No adjustment for flame on this one, but not needed. Just make sure bird stays tied down and then wait for internal temp.

Jay, I went to a friends cookout and he was using one of these over a larger open pit fire. It worked surprisingly well. It certainly looks odd. I guess it goes back to something like the Argentinian Guachos used to cook on.

Actually it is Brazilian Rodizio style.

Hard to imagine a turkey fitting on this but they say it can handle 22lbs of meat.


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