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Im sure its been talked about before, but here I go.If I plaster a piece of meat with mustard and
rub,does it kinda block the penetration of the smoke?
Could a raw brisket be smoked to 140* pulled,then rubbed and returned to the smoker
with good results.
I know I have to experiment,but It can get a bit
pricy trying to find that perfect smoke.

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Just one man's opinion,and you know what they say about that,I'm not sure anything-except heavy oil -would block smoke.

Now there are things ,that are suspected to hinder the reaction that causes smokering.

There are old cooks that claim all a brisket needs is salt and pepper.

I have never seen a brisket that needed mustard to make the rub stick,but there are fine cooks that swear by it.

Thus, you could wait until whenever and apply rub.

I'm no brisket expert,but I have been taught by some, that the heavy rub,before you fire up the cooker, helps create the bark,as the brisket releases moisture.

Smokin' would suggest that you try one each way,and see what you like.
Yup, that's me Tom!

kid, are you wanting more smoke taste or a smoke ring?

Make a rub of just salt, pepper, maybe some garlic and let it soak it. You could do it on one half of the brisket and a rub (or no rub) on the other half, then after cooking compare the two sides (remember which side has which).

There a just a lot of variations included, the meat itself, the cow it came from, the smoker, etc.

For me, to get a good SR, put it in as cold as your can. Some swear that they want it at room temp, but putting it in cold will keep it below 140 longer.

You can also smoke it at the lower temp (180 or so) but you have to be careful there, as it will dry out that way.

By sides I mean on the same side of a brisket, just on the left 1/2 and the right 1/2. The fat on the back side will be needed to keep the brisket moist.
I dont care about the ring to much,Im after more flavor.My last brisket hardly had any smoke to it.The one before that I think I went crazy on the wood and gave it a musty kinda aftertaste.
I COVERED my last one with mustard/rub and thought heck maybe the smoke got blocked a little.??Ill try again this weekend.
Thanks for the help guys.

I like smoke and use a bit more wood than most on this forum. For a brisket I'll use a good 8 oz--usually half hickory half mesquite (plus a few charcoal briquettes). Once I added another 2 oz of wood at about the halfway mark--it was really smokey, though primarily on the outside, and I haven't done it since.

As per Tom, I have never used mustard. But I do lay the rub on pretty heavy in the morning, ref, then put in smoker at night. Foil at 165.

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