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I've been learning from this site for almost a year now and tomorrows my big day. Calling Karen to order my new Q! Thank you all for your experience and sharing.

I'd like to share a link to a place that has the most outstanding sauce I've ever experienced. "Blackberry Blaze with Chile Chipolte". Whenever I'm in the neighborhood I make a point to stop in at the local HY-Vee store to stock up (although you can order online). They've also got some other good products (sauces/rub/meat). I've not tried the meat as I've got my own family farm connections.

I'm excited to order up some of CS's rubs/sauce. What are the MUST haves? From what I've heard the rib and spicy chicken rubs are a must. How's the sauce?
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I've got to get this dry mix, but my pantry looks like the barbecue section at our local grocery store. Promised my wife I would work off some inventory first. I've been smokin, and smokin, and smokin, and my inventory goes up. Seems my friends have been giving me gifts of rubs and sauces. OMG, think I'll have to get into regifting so I can get some of this dry mix. Eeker
I know Roger from PrairiePride, I think he still has a couple of the FE cookers. Next time you talk to them, tell them you own a CS.

For me, the Chicken is good if you like Spicy, I liken it to Tony Cachere's Cajun.

Everyone around here likes the CS Spicy, it's a family recipe and definitely it's own flavor.
I'd like to report I've mixed my first batch of BBQ from the dry mix. Cranked out some awesome wet ribs initially rubbed with CS rib rub. My youngest son LOVED the last batch and even had some leftovers for breakfast this a.m. (keep in mind he's my biggest critic) very nice balance of sweet and a little spice but not too much for sensative stomachs. I also gave a small jar away from the initial batch to a fellow smoker at work..he reported back to me he his son gave him the qoute "dad this is the best sauce ever". So add another customer to the CS list.

I've put out a turkey brined with Smokin Okies Holiday brine and seasoned with the spicy chicken - excellent. 3 yard birds also with the spicy chicken - excellent. Only downside to those two cooks was my own inexperience in temps. Juz some skin issues aside which is juz the cream on the finish and experience will fix. Turkey cooked much faster than expected so I didn't pull the cheese cloth off in biggie...I'll catch that next time around. As I said product turned out excellent and that's all that really matters.

The rib rub also put out a PB that my wife gave the "you can cook this more often, this tastes awesome!".

I used Fast Eddy's all purpose seasoning on a couple new york strips seared crazy hot n cooked fast on the weber. They were done to a medium rare perfection and sealed the meat perfectly. Flavor was VERY subtle which is what I like on a good piece of steak...most seasonings over power and this stuff just accentuated the flavor to perfection.


As a side note, what I've learned so far in cooking with my AQ is that there is a wide range of temps from lower to upper racks (significantly cooler on top). Evidently the laws of physics don't apply to CS since I thought heat rises? Goofy.

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