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A few years ago I volunteered to cook for a Monday night football game at my American Legion Post. I did pulled pork, cole slaw and kind of like SmokinOkie's beans. We had about 30 people. It has grown each year and this year I expect about 70 people. I'm going to smoke 30 to 35 # of pork butts plus the beans and cole slaw. I cook the pork in shifts in my 08 and reheat and pull just before serving. I take a minute and explain how to make a sammich (?). It is going over pretty well and I donate my time and food. We should raise about $1000 to $1200 this year for local vets. Sorry for the long intro but as this gets more complicated I'm
not sure of how to expand this whole thing. I would like to have an additional side. I'm thinking of canned green beans using one of the many bbq recipies on the web. Will this add or conflict with what I'm already doing? Other suggestions for sides with minimum prep time. I
plan to use small coolers to keep the pulled pork and beans warm for serving. Will this work? We don't have steam tables or other keep warm stuff. The Auxiliary does desserts so not my problem.
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For easy, I'd suggest potato salad or pasta salad. I'd be happy to send you bulk recipes if you want.

Also a layered cornbread salad would be easy, cheap, and go well with what you already make. Again, if you want the recipe, just let me know.

The small coolers will work pretty well to keep things warm or cool for a while, but you can get wire chaffing stands at Sam's Club/Costco for about $4 each that will keep things hot and are reusable.
As usual,Todd knows stuff.

Unless green beans is a HUGE favorite in your area,I don't think it will add much.

You are probably talking around a cup of sides/person.

You already have a hot and cold side,and one more could be sufficient.

For the lack of labor,and ease to store and serve,the potato,or mac salad sounds good.

At your volume,Sam's-or another box store,might be as cheap to purchase,as make up.

You can always dress up the potato salad in the 1/2 pans you serve in.

Folks don't seem as interested in sides,when they come for bbq. Wink

Just my $0.02
I hadn't thought about using premade sides from Sam's, but it's a real good idea. With two sides already on the menu, you won't need a large serving to balance things out, and at about $5-6 dollars a container for Sam's potato salad, you'll be set for under $20 with no time investment at all.

You could also grab a couple 3# bags of the broccoli florets, a package of bacon, and a few bottles of store bought slaw dressing and make up some broccoli salad pretty quick for under $20 too.

Around here this time of year, some cut up sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar would go over real well. Bake 'em up in the oven. Good eats!

What do your folks like to eat?
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