I purchased a NOS (new old stock) SM008 a few weeks ago. I have already enjoyed several racks of spare ribs as well as chicken from this smoker.

One small issue. I place an oven thermometer inside the SM008 to get a temp reading. Even when I turn the thermostat up to 250, the warmest my SM008 will get is around 200 degrees. I plan to buy a new thermometer to double check this.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, does it warrant calling customer service? Or should I be content with 200 degrees.

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Are you sure your oven thermostat is accurate. When you get your new thermometer, place it in boiling water. It should read 212* Then check against the Cookshack setting.

If you're really not getting over 200* with the Cookshack set to 250*, Cookshack will help you.
Thanks guys...I used the oven thermometer and also placed a digital probe. I'm going to get a new oven thermometer and test it in my oven. I plan to smoke more ribs over the weekend and will test it again. If it is still low, I'll call customer service.

Thanks for the feedback.
Well, I validated my digital thermometer today. It is pretty much spot on based on the temp of ice cubes and boiling water.

Smoked 3 full racks of baby backs today. They came out perfectly. So, the 197 to 200 degree temp is not messing up my ribs. Still, I may call customer service next week.

Thanks again for the helpful replies.


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