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These pans fit the slots on my elite perfectly. Oh I give them a light shot of cooking spray then rub it so the pan is coated (both sides) that way it washes up clean in 10 seconds with a little dawn and water.

I found that I was bumping the temp up to 240 after 4 hours as I like crunchy almonds too. Next batch I will try keeping it at 235 the whole way.

Your putting your baking sheets in the slots, the grates that come with the elite above the slots and then putting your pans on them is this right, I am guessing?

I have been trying to figure out how to get 4 pans in so I can smoke more at a time.

Just saw this at wall mart in W Sac today at lunch.

Hefty EZ Foil Grill Pan Size: 17" x 12-1/4" x 1-1/8"

This is a disposable foil pan (baking sheet size) with lots of holes in it 2 pack for $3.

It might just fit the slots without support too.
When I get home I will see.
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Thanks for another idea of something to smoke. It is pretty cold up here in PA this time of year, so cold smoking is what I am playing with. So far I have nearly 2 dozen batches of cheese under my belt, and 2 pounds of salt. Next is going to be almonds.
I use the DIY soldering iron in a coffee can method. I cover the can with foil, and poke holes in it to keep the heat down. The bottom rack of the smoker box gets covered in foil also. Then a tray of ice on that.

Hefty EZ Foil Grill Pan Size: 17" x 12-1/4" x 1-1/8"

This is a disposable foil pan (baking sheet size) with lots of holes in it 2 pack for $3.

Well I tested these disposable pans and they wont fit the racks slots but sit nicely on the grates.

So I am putting the Kitchen essentials from Calphalon non stick bakeware 12 x 17 inch crisping pan in the slots and the racks on top of these with the disposable pans. I have 4 pans going at once now.

Pags is right you need to hot smoke almonds I am doing Pag's recipe at 235 deg for 5 hours for crunchy almonds
Originally posted by Doug552:
Just tried my first batch of smoked almonds. Found 3lb. bags at Costco. I could't tell if they were raw or not from the package. I followed Pags recipe, I just added 1 tsp. of Chipotle powder. They turned out great. Thanks guys. Doug

According to Costco, Kirkland almonds Item 284601 in 3# bags, Are raw.
Decided to dredge up this old thread and get some ideas for a new recipe. Ended up using TN Q's simple recipe as a base, and threw in a little from pags too:

1# raw almonds
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tbsp Cookshack Rib Rub (chick rub is gone)
1 Tbsp Worchestershire
1 Tsp. garlic powder
Sprinkled with Lowry's Seasoned Salt
3 oz. Jack Daniels (I can't let that part go;-)

Smoked two hours at 225 two hickory chunks, and did exactly as TN Q suggested for separating.

I think the result is better than my previous outputs,and they aren't sticky at all. I would add some onion powder next time, thats it.

Thanks to all for contributing to this project!


My first try at smoked almonds today using Pags' original recipe in my AQ. I had about 12 oz of raw almonds from BJ's and I cut down the ingredients to 1 Tbl worcestershire, 1 teas. garlic powder, and 1 teas. salt (I used iodized sea salt). Smoked at 225 for three hours with about 2 oz of hickory, with the nuts single layer on a frogmat to allow even smoke penetration. The result was pretty good, but I want to continue tweaking the recipe. A little bit too much smoke for me, and not quite enough salt. I also want to try a different wetting agent than worcestershire, maybe soy sauce. The almonds came out crunchy, quite smoky, and pretty tasty. A good experiment for a sunny spring Saturday.

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Just did another batch of almonds. I got turned on to huli huli chicken and ribs in Hawaii last year, and I've made huli huli wings, but I wanted to see how almonds would turn out similarly treated. I used about 2 oz of hickory at 225 for 2.5 hours in my AQ.

Huli Huli Almonds

11.5 oz raw almonds (from BJ's)

1 T pineapple juice

1/2 t sriracha

1/2 t soy sauce

1/2 t garlic powder

1/2 t ginger powder

1 t sea salt

Mix the pineapple juice, sriracha and soy sauce together and pour over almonds. Stir to completely wet all the almonds. Sprinkle over the garlic, ginger and salt and stir to coat almonds evenly. Spread evenly in one layer to smoke (I used a frog mat).

Allow to cool and place in a zip bag for 1/2 hour to blend flavors.

These are REALLY tasty. They turned out dry and crunchy. The sweetness from the juice and the heat from the sriracha are just barely there, and all the flavors come together well. Try it!




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