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here's how i have been doing them.
12-14 lb full packer,certified angus,select grade or better.
rub that i started with was a 50/50 mix of penzeys northwoods fire and old english prime rib.
wood used was 66%oak and 33%pecan (using bbrsdelight pellets in both the fec and sm150)
meat goes on the smoker cold interior temp 32f or lower.
4 hours on smoke setting (145-165f interior fec temp)
at that point setting changed to 225 setting
at 185f interior meat temp it is removed and allowed to rest.
times for this vary a lot but seems to average out around 75 mins per pound.
i like to use the longer smoke setting times as it produces the best smoke ring in both the fec and sm smokers. as we all know smoke ring is just an appearance but my customers expect that ring so that i what i give them.
hope this helps some.
for really good brisket info consult paul kirks championship bbq or mike mills peace love and bbq

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