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Just did a search on "goose" and got 24 responses. Go to the top of this page and click "search." It's the link just below the "post a poll" button. Hope you find something that helps.

Congrats on your purchase, you'll not be sorry - and "Welcome" to the forum! You'll love this place. Lots of good info here and good people too!
Thanks Wheelz!

After reading everthing I think I will stick to the two ways I know to eat wild goose. Jerkey and flame grilled RARE!!!

If anyone is interested I Have a recipe that I got from and old Alaskan cookbook for marinated (very short time) and flame grilled goose breasts. You grill it over hot flaming coals to RARE and it is unbelievable. A friend of mine cooked these up for a company BBQ lunch and the office ladies couldn't keep away from it.
Here is the recipe.

1 cup veg oil
1/2 cup vinegar
1/4 cup soysauce
1/2 tbl rosemary leaves
1 tbl celery seeds
simmer all together for 10 min let cool

once cool use as much as needed to cover the breasts and marinate for 4 hours more or less to your tastes.

can be cooked over and open flame or charcoal. when you put them on they will start to flame up (this is good) grill over the flames basting with the sauce untill VERY, VERY rare. This is wild goose not beef so it needs to be very rare. DO NOT OVER COOK! They take only a few minutes to cook so cook one up and see what you think then do the rest.

Trust me if these are cooked correctly it is like eating a fne steak.


I agree, its to bad they are such marginal table fare.

My wife even made jerky from sand hill crane. Everone said it was very good but I couldn't get myself to eat more that I few bites beacause I just couldn't stand the thought of eating such an ugly bird.

We also have a meat market that will make us verious goose sausages and meat sticks, maple, hot etc. They are a combination of goose and pork. They are atually very good and now that I have my smoker I am thinking of trying to make my own this year. With as many geese as we shoot a year up here in minnesota we are always looking for new ways to use the meat.

The one thing I have always lived by is that if I am going to shoot them I better be willing to eat them.

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