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My new SM20 does a good job; I'm pleased with my purchase.

I think the main shortcoming - not a huge one - is that, by nature, an electric smoker won't produce a lot of smoke - over time - because the element will really heat up bringing the oven up to temp. say, 225 - and will produce a nice steady little stream of smoke for about an hour... but then she'll turn off and just come on once in awhile to maintain that, after about an hour the wood just doesn't get hot enough to smolder steadily.

For me, thats not a big problem as I mainly hot smoke slabs of bacon to 150 and I prefer my briskets slightly smoked.

Anyone have similar short-smoke time issue with an electric?
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There has been lots of discussion about the "visible" smoke which I think that you are referring to and the smoke that is harder to see which comes later. I have a 008 which is the predecessor to the SM020 and have never had any problems getting plenty of smoke flavoring in whatever I am smoking. I usually use between 2-3 ounces of wood with great results. Plan on baby backs this weekend!
With the Masterbuilt you can pull out the loader and check the wood. It seems like the element actually lights the wood chunks at the beginning then they burn like charcoal later on, very little visible smoke, lots of good flavor.

Thus at first a lot of visible smoke, later very little. The later time is the best for the food though. I switched from chips to chunks, loads more of the later type smoke.

If you're getting smoke at first then little, sounds like things are going fine.

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