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Just curious if anyone out there has experienced this with their Smokette 25 or any other Cookshack Smoker. I have my smoker semi- permantly installed in my garage with a exhaust hood ran to the outdoors. I usually leave my smoker plugged in when not in use, and turn the smoker off at the electronic control panel. Well.........the other night we had a very small power outage in the area, lasted just a few seconds. I got up the next morning went out to get in my garage and noticed the smoker was ON! Pretty weird I thought. Didnt give it much thought, turned it off and went to work. When I got home that evening I started to think what happened. I went in the garage, unplugged the smoker, plugged it back in and sure enough the smoker turned on! I don't know if this is a defect in the unit, or its suppose to happen. Just A FYI! Be careful!!
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I don't have a 25 but there was a thread about this not to long ago and what you describe is how the unit operates. With a power failure the unit will come on. This is why the manual states to unplug when not is use, tho' there could probably be a better write-up in the manual and online of the actual operating perameters.
Mine does the same thing. If I remember correctly it's designed for situations just like that... short power outages.

Imagine if that would have happened at 1:00 AM while you were sleeping comfortably w/ a pork butt/brisket in there... If it turns on automatically, good chance your meat's saved. If not, you'll have a food tragedy on your hands in the morning. Frowner

It's a good thing to notice though!

My rule of thumb, don't plug in the smoker until you're ready to throw your product in, unless the recipe calls for the smoker to be preheated.
As Cal says, I believe, after your done cooking unplug the beast because if you have a power interruption you will be cooking air. Yep it happened to me and if you think about it, it makes sense why, so just mark it up to gained knowledge and you can always tell yourself the smoker needed to run a clean cycle if it happens again. Big Grin

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