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Ok....This may sound weird but I am trying to smoke a whole prime Rib 14 lbs for Yom Kippur eve this friday night. I am not kosher and love pork....Baby back ribs are the best and as Emerill says Pork fat rules.

I've always been the renegade and we have a back up turkey breast but I am not going to fail!

After reading all the posts the biggest thing really missing is the times or approx. times. I have a CS45 which I love but it doesn't get to 375 degrees. My butcher calls me the renegade so when I asked for the PR he was like bring me pictures and left overs. If it doesn't work it was the chef!!!!

I was thinking of splitting the 14 pound full PR into two smaller PR's. Thoughts???

If I left it as one I am thinking 3-4 hours with smoke( after warming to 60 degrees) at 180 and then 4 hours and 350 to reach 125-130 degrees.

If I split it I think 2 1/2 hours with smoke and then 2 1/2 hours to 120 degrees and FTC until dinner time and then back in oven as needed.

Thanks for your help....


I'll be sure to post pics.. If it goes terribly wrong I do have 5 dogs including a bloodhound who has been known to eat a 9 pound smoked brisket.

Unfortunately, we took her to the vet to throw it up on fathers day and i spent the rest of the day cleaning up a really go smelling brisket.

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I have not done a PR on my Amerique yet, but I have done a lot of them in the oven at Christmas. I have cooked 14# before and left it whole with no problems. If memory serves me correctly I usually cook @ 350 until internal temp of 125. I place my probe in the middle of the PR. I dont remember how longit takes,but I always go by internal temp, not time. I am sure some of the really goodcoooks like Smokin, Tom Pagsand others can give you some better advice. By all means read the Prime Rib 101 by Smokin. Good Luck to ya!
Personally, I would cut it into to prime ribs. It won't make it cook any faster, but it will give you 2 more end pieces. Which are my favorite pieces,okay maybe I'm just thinking about myself?

If you cook it straight threw at 180* it will take around 5hrs to reach 130* internally. It will take about 4.25 hr on 200*. Those times are on my smoker though(SM020).

Good luck...they are just awesome!
Here's the thing. Cook it so it's done hours in advance, that way you get some extra time in case it's not. You WANT to let it rest
for at least an hour.

If you cut it in two, you'll have more ends and that is where a lot of the seasoning will be.

Check your thermometer for temp, a 5 degree difference can matter in PR.

Get an ice chest, smallest you have and wrap them in foil and put in the cooler and hold. I prefer 2 to 4 hours hold.

If you have people that don't like Med Rare, just use the end slides for them. OR have a pan of au jus hot and cook theirs for a min or two to take the color out. Also, if you just cut their slices first and let them sit on the plate they'll lose a lot of the red color.

Anyone that wants PR that's not MR, tell them to go order somewhere else... Wink

Any more questions?
Okie, I have a daughter in law who will only eat well done meat. My question is when you say put in hot aujus for a few minutes, is the au jus boiling or at a simmer. Also approximately how long does it take to remove the color? Might as well put it in boiling water as far as I am concerned!! Well done? Yuch!!!
Well the cook is on. 14lb PR started at 11:30. Put on a herb dry rub from PR 101 and opened the fridge this morning and it smelled great. I addred shallot but otherwise left it alone.

Started it at 180 and increased it to 200 around 230 because it was still at 90 degrees....Probably could of been more patient and waited it to rise a litte slower... It's the first try but it's a $150 cut of meat and Yome Kippur is once a year.

Any way its in the cooler and will finish in the oven.


Pictures to follow!!!
Well....Sorry for the delay but everything turned out great. I used the herb rub on the PR the night before and let it sit.

The next morning I let it warm up for a about three hours before hitting the smoker. I only have hickory and mesquite so I chose Hickory for the smoke. I used about 4 chunks of hickory and gave the smoker about 30 minutes head start up to 180 degrees.

I put the prime rib in and after about 3 hours raised it to 210. I pulled it from the smoker at 120 degrees and wrapped and put in the cooler. My hold until dinner was longer than anticipated and by dinner the PR was at about 140.

The taste was great. It had a hint of smoke and the rub worked great.....Thanks for all the help. I've learned it cooks quicker than I thought.

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