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Well, the monkey is off my back, FE can quit giving me a hard time.

Fathers day, in my home town with my kids there and lots of friends. Perfect day for some fun.

First year for a new comp here in OKC, the Centennial BBQ Championship. VERY small comp, and they didn't get it sanctioned Frowner

Won GC over a couple of KCBS experienced teams and a some local teams. Made a couple of grand to help pay for the trailer and the damage from last week.

Got 1st in Ribs (just missed 180 by a single 8) and 1st in Pork. 3rd in chicken and brisket. Won anything butt.

Wished I'd cooked this way in Memphis.

They're already submitting the paperwork for next year and I'll be working with them to improve things for the teams. They're trying to place the teams along the river in the shade trees. Could be a great start.

Whoooooooo Hooooooooo
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Thanks guys, love sharing the first win.

Here's a photo.

Skipper of the USS Oklahoma is there. The Lt. Gov of Oklahoma is to my left. Mrs Smokin is with me and my three girls and their boyfriends are to the right.

It must have been the new team t-shirts and Aprons I got...yeah, that's it. Now the kids all want theirs. Told them they have to WORK for them Big Grin
Not sure how they're setting it up.

Whole hog would be fun, but not on my FE (I'll have to borrow a 500 Stuart and cut it in half like FE and I did at the BBQLossal).

Don't know, could do shoulder or ribs. Do most/many teams in the small MIM events do 1 or all three? If I had the ribs I did Sunday, I'd turn them in anywhere, they came out perfect!
Some teams cook all three, but it is dependent on team size and money. To cook all three, entry fees and meat will run about $1000. Beyond the cash, You will have nine on site presentations to do. I've done it, but you need a presenter for each category (ie more team members). MIM changed the order of judging to put Hog second because so many teams were doing shoulders and ribs. This gave them a break between presentations.

All that said, MIM requires the hog to be cooked in one piece. No offence to the BarbeQullossal, but their whole hog category is a joke. I do have the 'Manly Man" hog cooker. If you want to enter the whole Hog category next year I'm in. Don't get many oppotunities to cook a hog anymore.
Russ, it was the highlight of my trip to Oklahoma City (to visit my sisters) to find you at the Barbeque competition! For 2 years, I've been getting great 'Que advice from some generous guy named "Smokin' Okie" because I couldn't find anyone in the Seattle area to teach me how to smoke delicious meat - AND I got to try your brisket(should have been 1st place!) Congratulations on your big win! (what is a MIM and KCBS contest?)
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Always good to meet Forum folks, always happy to help. Too bad you didn't get the ribs or the pork. I thought the brisket was good too.

MIM and KCBS are two different organizations that sanction contests. They set rules for competing. Very different. This event was KCBS. Next year they'll have MIm on Sat and KCBS on Sun

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