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His new book ($15 Amazon) arrived this morning and I've spent a couple hours thumbing through it. Nope, he doesn't divulge his cooking class secrets or exact competition rub, injection or sauce recipes but he steers you pretty close.

He spends a lot of time on all things pork, including whole hog. There are a few interesting chicken recipes including his cupcake rendition. Brisket gets 6 pages including his technique of smoking it at 350 o

About half the book is devoted to traditional BBQ; the rest offers a collection of "this & that" recipes. And yes, there's some colorful language and plenty of Myronisms Smiler

On a scale of 1 - 10 I give it 8 forks.
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Teammate took Myron's class and still buys some rubs and sauces.They cost more than your cook trailer. EekerHe does use part of the shoulder technique and rubs/sauces for butts.

No, he doesn't give you any recipes,but you do get the price list and where to order. Big Grin

He is arguably one of the top whole hog cooks and presenters at the on site judging you have for Memphis.

When they moved Myron's momma's restaurant down at the I-75 exit in Cordele,GA Myron decided ,if he was going to cook some FL BBQ Assoc./ some KCBS,he had to learn chicken and the brisket that Memphis cooks hate.

He says he started buying nine largest packers a day and slightly altering each one,until they got acceptable.I'm thinking he said about nine mos.?

They knew they could sell them all to the busloads of tourists that stopped at the I-75 outlet.

We have been fortunate to set up by Myron ,over th years,socialize,eat his cooking and judged him onsite at Memphis major cooks.

He is easily the master of onsite presenters and we'll all go stand just to watch his act.

He works very hard[and plays very hard]-it is his job,his alternate team with Dobie may cook a different contest on the same weekend and cooks every contest he can reach.

He is truly one of the entertaining characters in American BBQ.

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