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Have had my FE 100 a couple of months now and just completed my seventh cook. Been a terrible winter for cooking outside in Wisconsin. Had a chance to get two frozen Waygu briskets, one seven lbs and the other eight lbs. picked them up for $8.79 a pound on Monday. Never paid that much before but had a family thing coming up and thought I would splurge and try it. Thawed out in the fridge and about two in the morning on Friday opened the packages rinsed and got started. Noticed an odor, not like meat going bad, just different. Cooked them up (whole nuther story) took em off at 190, wrapped the papered brisket in foil and placed in the cooler.
Now I've gotta say, I was looking for a moist brisket and they were. Just dripping juice. Sliced nicely and tried a piece. Now, that smell I mentioned before is how that brisket tasted. Does not seem to be "bad", just has a beer like or fermented kind of taste. Taste is so hard to describe. Does Waygu have a different taste? We're not sick but I need to figure out if I need to be talking to my butcher about getting some money back. Appreciate any help you can offer. Nothing comes up on the search box for taste.

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It depends. When you opened them was the bag ballooned out at all? You also would have noticed a nasty odor.

It would help to know how long they were kept in a fresh state before being frozen, and then how long they were defrosted before being used. A properly aged brisket will keep frozen in CryOvac for a year or more. It sounds like you thawed and smoked them back to back.

If you want to give Wagyus another shot, try one from Snake River Farms. Not cheap due tot he shipping costs but you'll get a true Wagyu. I'm just as happy with a Prime (found at Costco & Sam's now and again) or Creekstone via the internet.
Thanks Max, cryovac was not ballooned out and there was not a nasty odor. Yeasty is a good description of the smell. Thawed out in the fridge by Tuesday and into the smoker early Friday morning. Butcher is 45 miles away so I'll mark it up as a lesson learned. Will ask better questions next time about how long did it stay out before he froze it and how many times has it been frozen. We just keep on learning.

Originally posted by BigRic:
... not sure how to move it to the brisket forum but will try.

You can't only the moderator can.

It should taste like rich beef (and I personally don't think it tastes "better")

When you pull out of a cryovac, it's okay to rince, let sit a few minutes then there should be any funky smell.

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