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Having used it for close to half century,I make every effort.Growing/ living in OK/TX and doing chili comps,it is almost a given.To fix up a quick ,stand alone bowl of red,the old Eagle Brand is hard to beat.I'm a big ancho chile[sorta smoked raisin] fan so I always add some to whatever I make..

If you talk to folks at Bill's Mild Spices,they'll be happy to discuss it and talk about alternatives-depending on what you wish to achieve.Penderey's can offer some of the same service.Their Top Hat is dark and lots of ancho.San Antonio Light is mild,Ft. Worth Light from either of the companies is always good,and their Original is what you think about from old time chili parlors.

If you wish to take the time to tinker,there are lots of options.

I know this will aggravate the purists,but when I travel and someone asks me to make a gal.,or two or bbq cooks,friends,relatives,etc
I suggest they find a grocery/wallyworld,etc.Find Wick Fowler's 2 Alarm chili mix and a couple lbs of coarse/chili grind beef.Most are just amazed.An easy to find alternative would be Mexene.
I'd suggest that for you,except on the beef, go ahead and 3/8 in. cube a tritip,sirloin,london broil,chuck tender,etc.You might find this meets all your needs.

That will be the quick and easy test,without all the struggle.Of course,the serious chili cooks will take you all the directions of serious improvements-if you are hunting a "life work". Big Grin

Hope this helps a little.If the snow gets to deep,come see us.
Back when some pals and I got sick of cooking bbq and swung over to chili it seems like most of us eventually worked our way over to the CASI website and started shamelessly copying some of the past winners. Buying most of the exotic powders and spices from Pendery's. Most of us got to where we could build a decent bowl o red. Randy Moore's recipe seemed to hit most often in the contests. As good as I could tell CASI dont even allow cubed meat any more. All ground meat nowadays at least around here. 80/20 chuck from Kroger works real well. Just dont over stir it. Form it into meatballs then break them up to suit yourself as it cooks. It makes hunks of meat instead of bridshot as per yankee chili. Here is a link to the recipes. Still believe pure ancho and Gebhardts are mostly interchangeable.

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