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I'm smoking another Prime Rib that will be perfect! I start by soaking the chips in sweet Rum, Bourbon-whatever. Pierce into meat and insert 10-12 cloves garlic, heavy handed rub of the spicy chicken rub and brush on mix of honey, oregano +++?. This smoker is now 6 years old and we have done the best turkeys, chix, pork and fish. Love it!
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6 year old smoker (is it a CS?) and just now joining the forum... LOL better late than never, thanks for joining.

Are you suggesting a recipe or asking ???, I'm not sure. I move this to the PR forum as that's such a popular topic.

I for one think soaking isn't a good thing. Depends on your smoker I guess, but for me, it tends to make the wood smolder, not smoke and that smoldering gives off the heavy white smoke (which carriers the impurities)

Honey on a PR? Hey, if it works, it works.
Originally posted by Qnorth:

Go for it!! We wait until Xmas or Easter when the stores have sales on PR for near $6/lb. We always load up.

We like our PR rare so the last one I did (Memorial day) I took out at 127 and FTC'd for about a half hour.


Man, that looks good Qnorth. I'll watch for the good prices, then I'll give it a try.
That's beautiful, TN Q.

I'm always afraid to try something like that for guests because I would need to do a trial run to make sure I can pull it off. Due to the amount of meat involved, I've never wanted to do a trial run. I have seen half-sized portions before, so I guess that would work for practice.

I haven't bought Rib eye or NY strips at Sam's in a while. The whole NY strip I bought at Costco and cut into 1 and a quarter inch thick steaks a couple months ago was very disappointing in terms of quality. The meat was almost tasteless, and very wet. It was graded choice, but it sure didn't seem like it. Most of it is still in my freezer. It was so unsatisfying that I haven't had an inclination to grill any more of it. I'll take a look at Sam's again.

The rib eyes I bought at Central Market and grilled earlier tonight were another story. It was the best steak I've found in a grocery store in years.
By a whole Rib Eye. Cut it in a 3/4 and 1/4 section. Practice on the 1/4.

The key is to have a good temp probe and determine what temp you want to pull it. I go for 120 to 125. We like rare/med rare. You can also cut from the ends (they're more done) and cut from the middle for more rare (that's where you put your probe).

Key is that you can heat the underdone meat to make it MR or M but you can't do the reverese.

Oh and since we're posting photos Wink

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