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Cal,look around for bbq product vendors that might offer some variety and save you shipping.

If Smokin'Guns BBQ has a display set up,it is usually staffed by cooks and maybe even some forum members.

drbbq,Ribdog,Butchers,Fast Eddy ,Scottie,CandySue,Yankee BBQ,JiggyPiggy,QUAU,SmokinButts,Smokin'Guns,Pellet Envy are just some of our folks that are there.
SORRY guys, I had to go and get a new battery, which I did, I then practiced a little. So far so good, now the bad news. The wife left it in the car and they parked us next to Nebraska...LOL, well maybe I'm to blame for leaving in the car,oh well. Long lines and not much time made it impossible to get back and get pics.

Anyway, I got to meet some of the fine cooks, after we judged, yes I said we, I got the wife judging now. I was able to meet Fast Eddy,Cookshack's Stuart,Smoking Guns BBQ,Piggy Jiggy, Rodney Gray(Pellet Envy),Candy Sue,DR BBQ, and my favorite RibDog. You owe me for that!

Found out that all these fine cooks are just common folks,like you and me, that have a passion for BBQ and are willing to talk to a wantta be cook. THANKS!

I will not forget the camera next year or the wife will have to walk back and get it,maybe!

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