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Got the AmeriQue delivered last week. Seasoned her Friday. Yesterday I thought I would make my maiden smoke something easy--settled on BB Ribs. Off to the butcher early a.m., picked three of the prettiest racks I've seen. Came home, cleaned them up, little mustard, little dry rub and into the fridge for about an hour. Prepped the Q for a 4.5 hour flight at 225 with 2 oz of apple wood. Hung the halved racks from the rib racks I got with the smoker. Fired her up and had a beer or seven. Smoke smelled incredible. Here's where the flaw comes into play. At 2.5 hours my neighbor came over wondering what in the world was cooking. The smell of ribs and applewood had made it's way throughout my neighborhood. Shortly, another neighbor stopped in. At 4.5 hours into the smoke and ready to come out, I had 4 unexpected guests due to the smell. Now I'm a pretty generous guy, but I intentionally planned this smoke as an experiment to see how it would go and didn't really plan for the neighborhood vultures to follow their noses. Long story short, I ended up with a whopping half rack to myself, which was absolutely incredible. I blame the design flaw entirely on cookshack. Any product of this caliber should clearly come with some type of carbon filter system attached to the vent holes so that I can have "secret smokes" without the entire neighborhood knowing what's going on. I have also considered attaching hoses to the vents and sticking them under my fence in hopes that the freeloaders will flock to my neighbor's house rather than mine-a diversion of some sort. Not sure the best course of action, but need to do something here--I'm gonna starve!

Just wanna smoke in secrecy,

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Look, we TRIED to tell you about that flaw.

You have to set a can a garbage down wind and blow it towards the neighbor to hide the smell.

You also tell them you have to pay off then thing and they can contribute.

Sorry about the flaw, I know we've got some other "workarounds" to the flaw, but I'll let some of the others speak up....

Welcome and congrats on your purchase of the AQ! Great for a first smoke, and you also got the added privilege of your neighbors being your first critics.
Another flaw with the Cookshack is it will tend to make you think you are a really great cook!
Just try and not let anyone know how easy it really is. Big Grin
I have an Amerique too and I solved your problem by moving to the country. The closest neighbor is two blocks away and they are never home. The next closest one is a mile or more from me. I only have to feed my wife and me, unless I invite family and friends, which I try not to do too often because they take all the leftovers!

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