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First there was Chili's with their rib song. Then Applebee's with "ribletts", followed by every weak BBQ chain doing all you can eat rib specials. Clearly the sign the end times are near.

Now, the fourth horseman appears; Burger King is selling ribs. Already being advertised in my area. Haven't tried them, and not sure if I will.

BK Ribs Press Release

The end must surely be upon us! Save your smoker!
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Saw a couple other cooks,on Basso's forum,were completely confused.

The comment ,I think,that if they did a give away price,the rib cut ? was large, four weird sideways cut,and they bank on selling drinks and sides.

Cooks seem to say,it was a big portion,for the typical BK consumer.

At least it wasn't a mcrib.

Of course,quality is not discussed,except"fall off the bone"

Seems like I had an old aunt that stewed a chicken,to go with dumplin's,that was all gristle,fatty skin,slivered bones.

Yuck,I can still remember. Roll Eyes
I'm a little confused. Todd, did that photo come from B.K.? Those don't look like ribs to me...more like a portion of the pork hock that some packers (Farmland for one) smoke, freeze and sell to institutional customers. Wish I could remember the name...a vendor was selling 'em at the Harpoon New England Comp last year....tasted like steamed pork infused with liquid smoke and a KC wannabe Q sauce.
Originally posted by MaxQue:
I'm a little confused. Todd, did that photo come from B.K.?

The picture came from an industry website that was announcing BK's new item. I saw another picture but the ribs in it looked truly nasty, so I linked to the better looking one. Didn't want to unduly sway any potential customers. Never can tell, there might be a few lurkers around that are trying to decide whether to buy an AmQ or just hit the BK drive-thru this summer. Wink
Well someone had to be the guinea pig right???

Had them last night (I know, but let me explain... I had a 2-hour drive home with an article deadline in 3 hours... so I was in a hurry and desperate).

First off, they were tiny! Easily fit in the palm of my hand, as if they sawed a slab of BB's in half perpendicular to the bones. Flavor was actually okay, bit of smoke and char. Did not get any BBQ sauce w/ them. Girl behind the counter asked, but I declined. They did taste a little chewy, like they had been sitting around for a while.

But, at least up in my neck of the woods, it was $7+ for a combo with six riblets, small fry and small coke Eeker

Overall, so not worth it and I'm a little ashamed to blow $8 and 15 minutes of my life. But hey, someone had to take one for the team right?
There's "Restaurant" ribs -- mushy, meat overcooked, too much sauce. Folks love 'em and pay $25 a rack at fine dining places. I stick to steak.

There's "BBQ joint" ribs -- usually good but some joints are better than others as we all know (and have our favorites).

There's "Contest" ribs -- my favorite and some BBQ joints come close

Now there's "Fast Food" ribs -- I tried them at BK last week. Small portion, on the higher dollar side of the menu. Taste/texture/appearance same as restaurant ribs above. Probably won't last as a permanent item in a business that requires fanatical consistency as part of QC. No threat to anyone who's properly marketing good ribs to start with.


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