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Well not yet, but there's gunna be! New 009 & new Moose, how do they mix? Just wandering if anyone has any experience with Moose. New to the forum and CS but not new to the ways of the flame. Too many years babysitting one of my smoke generating marvels has led me to purchase this " lazy mans smoker " and I am enjoying it. This moist type of smoking is new to me and I really would like to avoid some mistakes. If there are any suggestions on what cut, size, times, merinades, etc. I would appreciate it.
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Congrats on your new babies to be!

I have no experience cooking moose... but I think a few generalizations are in order: The cookshack will take very good meat and make it great!

Here are my answers to specific questions:

Cut?... any and all
Size?... if it fits
Times?... Whatever it takes
Marinade?...Whatever tastes good

It's that easy!

Read everything you can here on this forum about your new baby and you will be fine. Get a thermometer with a probe and always cook to a predetermined temperature. For those fine cuts that are naturally tender 135 to 145 with the first rare and the second medium rare (in my opinion for venison) Tougher pieces may need higher temps... for example I cook a chunk of neck to 195 to 205 at a temp of about 225 and it comes apart like pulled pork.

No moose around here... Like Boris Badenoff says to Natasha..."you hunt moose, I get squirrel"

Have fun,

I have to take issue with the "lazy man's" smoker. Instead, I'd call it the busy man's smoker as it lets you have a life beyond the smoker.

Now a lazy man who has nothing better to do than tend a fire for 18 hours, I'd call his pit a lazy man's smoker.

As for the moose, I'm not sure how lean moose meat is. To me, that's the main criterion of whether it will do well in the smoker or not. Good luck!
And I thought nobody cared!
esfishdoc, I lived my first eighteen years of life in Va. Beach before it turned into what it is today, and I apprieciate your advice. I spent a bit of time in your neck of the woods and loved it! I will let you know how this moose smoking adventure turns out.
You need not take offense! You are right on about the busy man's smoker. I stand corrected!

Did some Cornish hens and a pork shoulder, turned out great! I still have not had enough nerve to try the moose yet. The meat is alot like Deer or Elk, not gamey at all but very lean.
I am wandering if I should try foil wrapping to contain moisture?
How does bacon wrapping do in a CS?
Or should I grow a pair and just try something?
Moose is very lean and little marbling. Pink on a roast will usually mean tough. If you like the tenderness your beef in the rare to medium rare range you will need to back off the internal temp of a moose roast. Use a favorite beef rub with rosemary and sage. I will generally roast at a higher temp to brown approx. one hour. Back off the temp to apporx. 225 deg. foil wrap with broth and sliced onions until you have an internal temp of approx. 125 deg. I usually stuff the moose roast with garlic chunks in several places. Moose is great with sauces so don't forget to make some bernaise. Critter age has alot to do with it also..I pot roast the tougher cuts with a broth to keep them from drying out-can be a real problem when trying to cook a roast. Every one is a little different....Good Luck
Findogak, This is what I was looking for! It sounds like you have cooked a moose or two. This bull is fairly tender, not too old, so it should turn out ok. Any other moose hints are sure welcome. We have lived off elk mostly and a few deer for 20 years or so and the moose is a welcome change. The meat is different from both, but in a good way. The internal temp is a great help! Great info I will try this weekend (with bernaise) & post results.
Oh Yea!!! Fantastic moose!!! So here is what I did:
Kosher salt and ground pepper rub & injected garlic cloves (stay simple)
covered with too salty bacon I botched the night before
slip into cs with 2oz hickory @ 150 for 2 hrs to absorb smoke
put into foil pan with beef stock, onions, garlic. Crank to 250 add 2oz more hockory
Go to do errands, come back late, find internal temp overshot @ 135
begin crying and sobbing like a baby, pull myself together, remove, rest, slice
Jubilation! It was perfect. Medium rare, tender and very juicy. It is amazing how moist the meat is and the smoke flavor is right to the core, but not overpowering. The beef stock mixture in the foil pan made an awesome aujus.
If someone will tell me the correct procedure, I will post pictures.
Thanks to all for the help!
Western Wyo.
One method for posting pictures that works on all the forums I've ever attended:

Register for a free account with Photobucket.

Size your pictures to a max of 900 X 900 (700 to 800 is a good size)

Upload your pictures to photobucket.

Once there, click on the IMG Code and then just paste that into your text on this forum.

Let me know if you need more info.

Not sure if this try will work but here goes.
Pic one is moose prepped and ready to meet his cooker
Scared to cut into the bad boy, I decided to have a smoked egg, adult beverage, and just watch it cool. Note the Moose aujus to the side.
The final pruduct! Note the juice dripping below and the Denver Broncos loosing in the background. Sorry for the brightness, That is snow reflecting in the background and I don't have curtains cause I don't have neighbors. Life is good!
Hope this works
Thanks guys!
Western Wyo

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