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Hi Everyone,

I've had a 055 for about two years now, and couldn't be happier. I've done the most common parts of a pig, brisket, salmon, turkey, chicken, jerky, lots of jalapenos and have never had a bad meal. My last cookshack order was for a case of their mild bbq sauce, and it's almost gone.

Over the smokes, I must admit that my attention to cleaning has decreased. I always clean the grates between smokes, but have stopped using the foil at the bottom of the smoker. I typically just scrape it down while it it warm, and use some paper towels. After about a year and 40+ smokes, I can't see any adverse results. Is there a reason for me to go back to foil? What is everyone else doing to clean their home smokers?

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Nope, not required. If after using it, you find you don't need it, I wouldn't worry about it.

It's really best after you do a bunch of briskets or butts. They tend to drip a lot of fat and that can collect if you do a bunch.



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I put foil over the part that holds the heating element and the wood. I also put foil on the bottom but crud seems to go down the sides and get underneath the foil. And I have to admit I forgot to poke a hole in the foil to let it drip out once. If foiling the bottom is not necessary I think it would be just as easy to scrape out the crud with a credit card.
I use foil on the wood box and on the bottom of the smoker. Sure makes clean up easier.

I don't do much fish but a few weeks ago I did a 29 inch steelhead (big trout). Had to cut it in half to fit in the 009. It came out very good using the spicy chicken rub. I cleaned the smoker as usual and left the door open. A week later it still had a strong fish smell. I finally put a chunk of wood in it and let it smoke for about 4 hours. Smell gone!

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